Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/py-wtforms
From: Klaus Klein
Date: 2022-05-25 17:19:54
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Log Message:
py-wtforms: Update to 3.0.1.

Version 3.0.1

Released 2021-12-23

-   Fixed :class:`~fields.DateTimeField` and other similar fields can
    handle multiple formats. :issue:`720` :pr:`721`
-   Stop support for python 3.6 :pr:`722`

Version 3.0.0

Released 2021-11-07

-   Fixed :class:`~fields.RadioField` validators. :issue:`477` :pr:`615`
-   :meth:`~fields.FormField.populate_obj` always calls :func:`setattr`
-   WTForms has a new logo. :issue:`569` :pr:`689`
-   Fixed :class:`~fields.RadioField` `render_kw` rendering. :issue:`490`
    :pr:`628` :pr:`688`
-   Support for optgroups in :class:`~fields.SelectField` and
    :class:`~fields.SelectMultipleField`. :issue:`656` :pr:`667`
-   Minor documentation fix. :issue:`701`
-   Custom separators for :class:`~fields.FieldList`. :issue:`681` :pr:`694`
-   :class:`~fields.DateTimeField`, :class:`~fields.DateField` and
    :class:`~fields.TimeField` support time formats that removes leading
    zeros. :pr:`703`
-   Refactoring: split `fields/` and `fields/` :pr:`710`

Version 3.0.0a1

Released 2020-11-23

-   Drop support for Python < 3.6. :pr:`554`
-   :class:`~fields.StringField` sets ``data`` to ``None`` when form
    data is empty and an initial value was not provided. Although it
    previously set an empty string, ``None`` is consistent with the
    behavior of other fields. :pr:`355`
-   Specified version of Babel required for setup to avoid errors.
-   Replaced use of ``getattr``/``setattr`` with regular variable
    access. :issue:`482`
-   :class:`ValueError` raised by a validator are handled like regular
    exceptions. Validators need to raise
    :class:`~validators.ValidationError` or
    :class:`~validators.StopValidation` to make a validation fail.
-   :class:`~fields.SelectField`, :class:`~fields.SelectMultipleField` and
    :class:`~fields.RadioField` *choices* parameter can be a callable.
-   Choices shortcut for :class:`~fields.core.SelectMultipleField`.
    :issue:`603` :pr:`605`
-   Forms can have form-level errors. :issue:`55` :pr:`595`
-   Implemented :class:`~wtforms.fields.core.MonthField`. :pr:`530` :pr:`593`
-   Filters can be inline. :meth:`form.BaseForm.process` takes a
    *extra_filters* parameter. :issue:`128` :pr:`592`
-   Fields can be passed the ``name`` argument to use a HTML name
    different than their Python name. :issue:`205`, :pr:`601`
-   Render attribute names like ``for_`` and ``class_`` are normalized
    consistently so later values override those specified earlier.
    :issue:`449`, :pr:`596`
-   Flags can take non-boolean values. :issue:`406` :pr:`467`
-   Widgets are HTML5 by default. :issue:`594` :pr:`614`
-   Fixed a bug when the :class:`~wtforms.fields.core.SelectField` choices
    are list of strings. :pr:`598`
-   Error messages standardization. :issue:`613` :pr:`620` :pr:`626` :pr:`627`
-   :class:`~wtforms.fields.core.SelectMultipleField` `validate_choice`
    bugfix. :issue:`606` :pr:`642`
-   Fixed SelectMultipleField validation when using choices list shortcut.
    :issue:`612` :pr:`661`