Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/links
From: Frederic Cambus
Date: 2022-05-29 19:58:53
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Log Message:
links: update to 2.26.

=== RELEASE 2.26 ===

Wed Apr  6 18:13:16 CEST 2022 mikulas:

	Fix a display glitch if the list is empty and the user presses '*'

Sat Mar 26 11:09:12 CET 2022 mikulas:

	Add a possibility to pass gopher:// URLs to an external program

Sat Jan  1 14:46:06 CET 2022 Martin Michel <>:

	Updated the German translation
	Updated the initial bookmarks

Fri Dec 24 12:47:58 CET 2021

	Fix a bug when form submit url contained '#'

Sun Dec  5 18:17:11 CET 2021 mikulas:

	Support WEBP images

Fri Dec  3 17:40:55 CET 2021 mikulas:

	Support DNS-over-HTTPS

Sun Nov 21 11:36:45 CET 2021 mikulas:

	Try multiple IPv4 addresses on systems that don't have getaddrinfo

Sun Nov 14 20:55:11 CET 2021 Timur Adamov <>:

	Handle the "TD" tag outside "TR" the same way as in other \ 

Tue Oct 19 18:42:50 CEST 2021 mikulas:

	Make it possible to bind a socket to a network interface
	It could be activated by specifying interface name in the "Bind to local
	IP address" box