Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/misc/rhash
From: David H. Gutteridge
Date: 2022-06-27 03:19:40
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Log Message:
rhash: properly reapply build fix for OSes without aligned_alloc

This was previously fixed by schmonz@, but was half lost in the update
to 1.4.3. Upstream added their own macro NO_POSIX_ALIGNED_ALLOC to help
deal with this, so a patch was dropped, but our patch to the configure
script wasn't adjusted to match that new macro definition.

Should fix PR pkg/55571 and PR pkg/56902.

Note I have no environment with which to test this, but it seems obvious
from code inspection, and adjusting the patch did not influence test
builds on NetBSD 9.2_STABLE, Fedora 36, or OmniOS r151038.