Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/print
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2022-07-03 12:26:55
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Log Message:
*cups*: update to 2.4.2

Changes in CUPS v2.4.2 (26th May 2022)

- Fixed certificate strings comparison for Local authorization (CVE-2022-26691)
- The `cupsFileOpen` function no longer opens files for append in read-write
  mode (Issue #291)
- The cupsd daemon removed processing temporary queue (Issue #364)
- Fixed delay in IPP backend if GNUTLS is used and endpoint doesn't confirm
  closing the connection (Issue #365)
- Fixed conditional jump based on uninitialized value in cups/ppd.c (Issue #329)
- Fixed CSS related issues in CUPS Web UI (Issue #344)
- Fixed copyright in CUPS Web UI trailer template (Issue #346)
- mDNS hostname in device uri is not resolved when installaling a permanent
  IPP Everywhere queue (Issues #340, #343)
- The `lpstat` command now reports when the scheduler is not running
  (Issue #352)
- Updated the man pages concerning the `-h` option (Issue #357)
- Re-added LibreSSL/OpenSSL support (Issue #362)
- Updated the Solaris smf service file (Issue #368)
- Fixed a regression in lpoptions option support (Issue #370)
- The scheduler now regenerates the PPD cache information after changing the
  "cupsd.conf" file (Issue #371)
- Updated the scheduler to set "auth-info-required" to \ 
"username,password" if a
  backend reports it needs authentication info but doesn't set a method for
  authentication (Issue #373)
- Updated the configure script to look for the OpenSSL library the old way if
  pkg-config is not available (Issue #375)
- Fixed the prototype for the `httpWriteResponse` function (Issue #380)
- Brought back minimal AIX support (Issue #389)
- `cupsGetResponse` did not always set the last error.
- Fixed a number of old references to the Apple CUPS web page.
- Restored the default/generic printer icon file for the web interface.
- Removed old stylesheet classes that are no longer used by the web