Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/audio/mpg123
From: Dr. Thomas Orgis
Date: 2022-07-13 11:58:08
Message id:

Log Message:
mpg123: update to 1.30.1

Upstream changes since last pkgsrc version:

- mpg123:
-- Show stderr of network helpers in -vvv mode.
-- Use curl --http0.9, if available, to support shoutcast v1 streams
   without wget (wget not needing such switch, yet).
-- Support file:// URLs for local access as was intended with the last
-- Give more helpful error message if neither wget nor curl are usable, also
   allow error messages from curl to appear when not --quiet.
-- Update the man page.

- build:
-- Use dummy as default module when no other outputs are enabled. This also
   fixes a non-module build with just the dummy (bug 333).
-- Use CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR in CMake build to help nested use (bug 335).
-- some updates for OS/2 support (fixing up stdin playing, for example)
- mpg123:
-- new network backend using external tools/libraries to also support HTTPS
-- old network backend changed to use h_addr_list[0] instead of h_addr
-- terminal control keys now case-sensitive (fixing smal/big pitch controls)
-- additional terminal control keys for simple equalizer control (A/a for bass,
   J/j for mids, N/n for treble, e for reset, E for printout)
-- terminal volume control now in decibel steps and bounded to +/- 60 dB
-- terminal control now also with audio from stdin (bug 338) via
   /dev/tty or ctermid()
-- terminal control also available for OS/2 and Windows platforms
-- re-print tag info on decrease of terminal width for a bit less mess
-- always print an empty line after tag info for cleaner appearance
-- print lyrics also to stderr
-- remote control API v10 with "@P 3" as additonal message on track end
-- also added PROGRESS command as opposite of SILENCE
-- fix some verbosity, tweak help for --icy-interval
-- added --auth-file
-- also obscure argument to --auth for others
-- Cygwin/MinGW: Provide _win32_utf8_wide and _win32_wide_utf8 unconditionally.
   It is needed by the WASAPI plugins, the underlying conversion functions
   should be present since Windows 2000. Fixes WASAPI support on Cygwin.
   Also needed for new network code.
- libout123:
-- pulse: initialize more error codes to avoid bogus error messages
-- os2: considerable fixup for proper writes of full buffers avoiding
   nasty effects from the ... special audio system, more cleanup still
   nice-to-have, but still lacking

- libmpg123:
-- Saturate reader file position at off_t limit to satisfy
   undefined behaviour checkers.
-- Avoid harmless unitialized value in ID3v1 check (filepos, later being
   set before actual use).
- libout123:
-- Build fix for win32_wasapi output for predefined _WIN32_WINNT (bug 329),
   thanks to Vincent Torri.