Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail
From: Takahiro Kambe
Date: 2022-07-21 17:17:35
Message id:

Log Message:
mail/roundcube: update to 1.5.3

1.5.3 (2022-06-26)

* Enigma: Fix initial synchronization of private keys
* Enigma: Fix double quoted-printable encoding of pgp-signed messages with
  no attachments (#8413)
* Fix various PHP8 warnings (#8392)
* Fix mail headers injection via the subject field on mail compose (#8404)
* Fix bug where small message/rfc822 parts could not be decoded (#8408)
* Fix setting HTML mode on reply/forward of a signed message (#8405)
* Fix handling of RFC2231-encoded attachment names inside of a
  message/rfc822 part (#8418)
* Fix bug where some mail parts (images) could have not be listed as
  attachments (#8425)
* Fix bug where attachment icons were stuck at the top of the messages list
  in Safari (#8433)
* Fix handling of message/rfc822 parts that are small and are multipart
  structures with a single part (#8458)
* Fix bug where session could time out if DB and PHP timezone were different
* Fix bug where DSN flag state wasn't stored with a draft (#8371)
* Fix broken encoding of HTML content encapsulated in a RTF attachment
* Fix problem with aria-hidden=true on toolbar menus in the Elastic
  skin (#8517)
* Fix bug where title tag content was displayed in the body if it contained
  HTML tags (#8540)
* Fix support for DSN specification without host e.g. pgsql:///dbname