Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/bind916
From: Takahiro Kambe
Date: 2022-08-17 17:38:28
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net/bind916: update to 9.16.32

9.16.32 (2022-08-17)

Notes for BIND 9.16.32

Feature Changes

* The DNSSEC algorithms RSASHA1 and NSEC3RSASHA1 are now automatically
  disabled on systems where they are disallowed by the security policy
  (e.g. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9).  Primary zones using those algorithms
  need to be migrated to new algorithms prior to running on these systems,
  as graceful migration to different DNSSEC algorithms is not possible when
  RSASHA1 is disallowed by the operating system.  [GL #3469]

* Log messages related to fetch limiting have been improved to provide more
  complete information.  Specifically, the final counts of allowed and
  spilled fetches are now logged before the counter object is destroyed.
  [GL #3461]

Bug Fixes

* Non-dynamic zones that inherit dnssec-policy from the view or options
  blocks were not marked as inline-signed and therefore never scheduled to
  be re-signed.  This has been fixed.  [GL #3438]

* The old max-zone-ttl zone option was meant to be superseded by the
  max-zone-ttl option in dnssec-policy; however, the latter option was not
  fully effective.  This has been corrected: zones no longer load if they
  contain TTLs greater than the limit configured in dnssec-policy.  For
  zones with both the old max-zone-ttl option and dnssec-policy configured,
  the old option is ignored, and a warning is generated.  [GL #2918]

* rndc dumpdb -expired was fixed to include expired RRsets, even if
  stale-cache-enable is set to no and the cache-cleaning time window has
  passed.  [GL #3462]