Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/puppet
From: Takahiro Kambe
Date: 2022-09-16 08:10:03
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Log Message:
sysutils/puppet: update to 7.19.0

Puppet 7.19.0

Released September 2022.

New versions of Puppet now release every six weeks rather than every four


* Support for Fedora 36 (x86_64)

	This release adds support for Fedora 36 (x86_64).  PA-4668

* Updated Augeas to 1.13.0

	Bumped Augeas to 1.13.0 for all supported platforms except for
	Solaris and AIX.  Those two platforms remain on 1.12.0, as Augeas
	1.13.0 fails to compile due to a few readline function calls that
	are not on Solaris or AIX.  PA-4494

Resolved issues

* Puppet sends malformed PuppetDB reports with Oj

	Reports sent to PuppetDB using the Oj JSON backend are now properly
	formatted.  PUP-11620

	puppet module list --render-as json does not report unmet dependencies

	puppet module list --render-as json now includes information about
	unmet dependencies.  PUP-11604

* Puppet does not write SELinux labels on ZFS

	Marked ZFS as an SELinux-capable filesystem.  PUP-11603

	Puppet::Util.safe_posix_fork fails if /proc/self is not a directory

	Puppet now handles misconfigured /proc filesystems correctly.

* Puppet on Ruby 3.1 warns about ERB passing safe_level as non-keyword argument

	Puppet now passes ERB arguments as keywords.  PUP-11552


* FIPS OpenSSL: disable c_rehash binary

	Fixed CVE-2022-1292 and CVE-2022-2068.  PA-4621