Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/archivers/xz
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2022-10-13 18:35:11
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Log Message:
xz: updated to 5.2.7

5.2.7 (2022-09-30)

* liblzma:

    - Made lzma_filters_copy() to never modify the destination
      array if an error occurs. lzma_stream_encoder() and
      lzma_stream_encoder_mt() already assumed this. Before this
      change, if a tiny memory allocation in lzma_filters_copy()
      failed it would lead to a crash (invalid free() or invalid
      memory reads) in the cleanup paths of these two encoder
      initialization functions.

    - Added missing integer overflow check to lzma_index_append().
      This affects xz --list and other applications that decode
      the Index field from .xz files using lzma_index_decoder().
      Normal decompression of .xz files doesn't call this code
      and thus most applications using liblzma aren't affected
      by this bug.

    - Single-threaded .xz decoder (lzma_stream_decoder()): If
      lzma_code() returns LZMA_MEMLIMIT_ERROR it is now possible
      to use lzma_memlimit_set() to increase the limit and continue
      decoding. This was supposed to work from the beginning
      but there was a bug. With other decoders (.lzma or
      threaded .xz decoder) this already worked correctly.

    - Fixed accumulation of integrity check type statistics in
      lzma_index_cat(). This bug made lzma_index_checks() return
      only the type of the integrity check of the last Stream
      when multiple lzma_indexes were concatenated. Most
      applications don't use these APIs but in xz it made
      xz --list not list all check types from concatenated .xz
      files. In xz --list --verbose only the per-file "Check:"
      lines were affected and in xz --robot --list only the "file"
      line was affected.

    - Added ABI compatibility with executables that were linked
      against liblzma in RHEL/CentOS 7 or other liblzma builds
      that had copied the problematic patch from RHEL/CentOS 7
      (xz-5.2.2-compat-libs.patch). For the details, see the
      comment at the top of src/liblzma/

      WARNING: This uses __symver__ attribute with GCC >= 10.
      In other cases the traditional __asm__(".symver ...")
      is used. Using link-time optimization (LTO, -flto) with
      GCC versions older than 10 can silently result in
      broken (incorrect symbol versions)! If you
      want to use -flto with GCC, you must use GCC >= 10.
      LTO with Clang seems to work even with the traditional
      __asm__(".symver ...") method.

* xzgrep: Fixed compatibility with old shells that break if
  comments inside command substitutions have apostrophes (').
  This problem was introduced in 5.2.6.

* Build systems:

    - New #define in config.h: HAVE_SYMBOL_VERSIONS_LINUX

    - Windows: Fixed liblzma.dll build with Visual Studio project
      files. It broke in 5.2.6 due to a change that was made to
      improve CMake support.

    - Windows: Building liblzma with UNICODE defined should now

    - CMake files are now actually included in the release tarball.
      They should have been in 5.2.5 already.

    - Minor CMake fixes and improvements.

* Added a new translation: Turkish