Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/grafana
Date: 2022-10-26 22:16:36
Message id:

Log Message:
grafana: Update to 9.2.2

upstream changes:
9.2.2 (2022-10-25)
Features and enhancements
  o Alerting: Add support for wecom apiapp
  o Canvas: Improve resource picker initialization
  o Canvas: Improve text element readability
  o CloudWatch: Make sure adoption tracking is done on valid, migrated queries
  o Dashboard: Alerts user to incorrect tag format for JSON import
  o MSSQL: Support tables from all schemas
  o Opentsdb: Allow template variables for filter keys
  o Prometheus: Provide label values match parameter API when supported
    prometheus instance is configured
  o QueryEditor: Revert components from grafana-ui
  o TeamSync: Allow team sync when external organization mapping returns no
    organization role
Bug fixes
  o Browse: Fix General folder not showing in FolderPicker
  o Elasticsearch: Fix calculation of trimEdges in alert mode
  o Elasticsearch: Fix trimEdges delete logic in alert mode
  o GoogleOAuth: Unlock User Admin UI
  o LogContext: Fix wrong color of show context icon in light theme
  o Loki: Fix adding of adhoc filters to stream selector when query with empty
    stream selector
  o Loki: Fix double stringified log-lines when copied via Copy button
  o Loki: Fix explain section about $__interval variable
  o Loki: Remove already selected options from next label filter options in
  o NodeGraph: Fix rendering issues when values of arc are over 1
  o PublicDashboards: Fix hidden queries execution
  o Tempo: Fix Node Graph visualization type in dashboard
  o TimeSeries: Fix stacking when first value is negative zero
  o TimeseriesPanel: Fix variables in data links
  o User: Fix externalUserId not being populated