Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/unison
From: Greg Troxel
Date: 2022-11-08 02:07:09
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Log Message:
net/unison: Update to 2.53.0

Change to lablgkt3.
Drop MAKE_JOBS_SAFE because the issue was fixed upstream.

## Changes in 2.53.0

Released 2022-11-07

  * OCaml >= 4.08 is required to build unison.
  * unison can be built with (unreleased) OCaml 5.
  * Change GUI to use GTK3 (via lablgtk3) instead of GTK2 (via lablgtk2)
  * Add support for syncing extended attributes.
  * Add support for syncing ACLs.
  * On Windows, add the ability to build unison as a hybrid
    application (GUI application attached to a text console) by
    defining UI_WINOS=hybrid (see src/Makefile).  Add this to CI.
    (Doing this for non-Windows is unnecessary as all applications,
    both GUI and non-GUI, are always executed with a connection to
    stdout/stderr. GUI-only applications (ie, no stdout/stderr) is a
    Windows-only concept.)
  * Notable bugfixes
    - Merge results are stored in archive more accurately.
    - Windows `\\?\` paths now work correctly (including `\\?\Volume{GUID}\` paths).
  * CI changes
    - The macOS binaries are properly signed.
    - Add workaround for bugs in the github CI Windows builds, one of
      which resulted in the 2.52.1 GUI version failing, in the Windows
      CI build artifacts.  (This does not affect platforms other than
      Windows, and may not affect other Windows builds.)
  * Changes that should not affect behavior
    - Clean up a variety of unmaintained and unused bits, mainly
    - OCaml's Unix library is now extensively used also on
      Windows. This allowed removal of large amount of
      Windows-specific OCaml and mainly C code.