Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/finance/gnucash-docs
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2023-01-04 08:45:59
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Log Message:
gnucash-docs: update to 4.13.

 4.13  - 18 December 2022
        o Bug 798620 - Unable to build docs on Mageia Cauldron
        o Bug 798623 - ENG. Typo "documenation"
        o Bug 798624 - Document how to check if GnuCash is running when
                       updating quotes
        o Bug 798645 - screens instead of WINDOWS
        o Bug 798665 - New: ENG. Typo: Unnecessary determiner "a"
                       in 2.6.1. Migrating financial data.
        o Bug 798674 - Broken link on Chapter 17. Python Bindings
        o Manual:de: Account_Actions: Tippfehler-Korrektur
        o Review URLs and replace them by entities in all parts and languages \ 
excepting in comments or FDL appendix
        o manual, ch_Finance-Quote: fix broken entities
        o gnc-gui-struct.dtd: fix some mistakes and add entities for menuitems \ 
and menuchoice.
        o Update url-irc to "irc://" see the email \ 
        o Partial Modernization of Manual:C:Business: Differentiation of \ 
admonitions and improvement of lists
        o Manual:C: Convert CSV assistant into <procedure>
        o Multi-split csv elaboration
        o Update app-fq-vers to "1.53"
        o Replace "Online Quote Setup" instructions in Guide by links \ 
to the manual chapter.
        O Enhance bookinfos by subtitle and titleabbrev;drop "Help" \ 
from manual. Adding titleabbrev allows yelp to display the version in its \ 
        o Guide:C: Fix image declarations: Some were not properly scaled and \ 
others didn't appear in the List of Figures.
        o Replace all hardcoded width="510[px]" by \ 
"&img-w;" for for both components in all languages
        o Ensure our documentation is also found when gnucash is run in KDE
        o Restore draft status in gnc-docbook.dtd.
        o New and Updated Translations: German