Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/ruby-gettext_i18n_rails
From: Takahiro Kambe
Date: 2023-01-15 16:25:47
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devel/ruby-gettext_i18n_rails: update to 1.10.0

1.9.0 (2022-10-13)

* use given locale in translate

  FastGettext.locale was not set to the locale parameter.  If locale was
  changed by parameter, the cache of the thread locale was always returned.

* docs: use gettext gem in all environments

* Update to use before_action

  before_filter was deprecated in Rails 5.0, so I think most people adding
  this to their projects would need to use before_action.

* Use String#end_with? instead of String#ends_with?

* compatibility with HAML 6

1.10.0 (2023-01-07)

* fix bundle

* backend: translate changes the current locale

  `FastGettext.set_locale` returns the "new" current locale, not the old
  one.  Use `with_locale`.