Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail
From: Takahiro Kambe
Date: 2023-01-28 14:48:40
Message id:

Log Message:
mail/roundcube: update to 1.6.1

1.6.1 (2022-01-23)

* Kill session if refreshing oauth token fails (#8734)
* Fix various PHP 8.1 warnings (#8628, #8644, #8667, #8656, #8647)
* Password: Remove references to %c variable that has been removed before
* Fix anchor links in HTML mail (#8632)
* Fix bug where config creation in Installer did ignore options in the form
* Fix bug where renamed options were removed from the config on
  ( run (#8643)
* Fix favicon rewrite rule in .htaccess (#8654)
* Fix various PHP 8.2 warnings
* Fix bug where it wasn't possible to create more than one response record
  on SQLite and Postgres (#8664)
* Fix support for ManageSieve over implicit SSL (#8670)
* Fix bug where "about:blank" page could trigger "load \ 
error" (#8554)
* Fix bug where setting 'Clear Trash on Logout' to 'all messages' didn't
  work (#8687)
* Fix bug where the attachment menu wouldn't disappear after an action is
  selected (#8691)
* Fix bug where some dialogs in an eml attachment preview would not close on
  mobile (#8627)
* Fix bug where multiline data:image URI's in emails were stripped from the
  message on display (#8613)
* Fix fatal error on identity page if Enigma plugin is misconfigured (#8719)
* Fix so N property always exists in a vCard export (#8771)
* Fix authenticating to Courier IMAP with passwords containing a '~'
  character (#8772)
* Fix handling of smtp/imap port options on configuration file update
* Fix bug where array values could not be saved in utils/save_pref action
* Add workaround for using Roundcube behind a reverse proxy with a subpath:
  'request_path' option (#8738, #8770)
* Fix bug where "Invalid skin name" error was logged on preferences save if
  there's only one skin (#8825)
* Fix SIGBUS raised in ImageMagick when more than one process tried to
  generate a thumbnail of the same image attachment (#8511)
* Fix bug where updater does not update the vendor packages (#8642)
* Fix missing mail composing textarea on reply/draft with a long plain text
  content (#8866)