Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/inputmethod/librime
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2023-01-30 11:35:19
Message id:

Log Message:
librime: update to 1.8.3.


### Bug Fixes

* skip key combos with super modifier


Bug fixes


Bug fixes


### Bug Fixes

* **algo, dict:** add an extra set of parenthesis to std::min ...
* **charset_filter:** Update `is_extended_cjk` to compatible with Unicode 15
* **chord_composer:** first key missing from raw input
* **chord_composer:** invisible placeholder char prepended to output
* **ci:** download and extract boost
* **ci:** install Rime plugins' dependencies
* **ci:** no hardcoded boost version in ci scripts
* **dict_compiler:** shrink .reverse.bin file to fit after build
* **reverse_lookup_dictionary:** writing data to overflow buffer
* **setup:** avoid glog log macros conflict with macros of Windows
* fix missing control paths issue
* qualify std::exp after including <cmath>
* **ci:** update ci script for windows
* **dictionary:** had unsorted chunks after the previous chunk ended
* **editor:** `back_syllable` should reopen selected words
* replace bintry mirror with jfrog

### Features

* **api:** get_state_label returns the state label for UI display
* **ci:** add GitHub action ci support
* **ci:** add pull request ci
* **ci:** add tag release ci
* **context:** allow composing with zero input
* **key_binder:** single select a radio group option
* **key_binder:** toggle the switch defined at index `toggle: '@n'`
* **navigator,selector:** vertical navigation
* **plugins:** support plugin specs in slug@branch format
* **selector:** handle repeated key until release
* add windows ci job
* delete selected candidate
* half/full-shape labels for more characters
* **simplifier:** can be configured to return empty comment