Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2023-02-15 13:46:46
Message id:

Log Message:
openldap: updated to 2.6.4

OpenLDAP 2.6.4 Release (2023/02/08)
	Fixed client tools to remove 'h' and 'p' options
	Fixed ldapsearch memory leak with paged results
	Fixed libldap ldif_open_urlto check for failure
	Fixed libldap ldap_url_parsehosts check for failure
	Fixed liblunicode UTF8bvnormalize buffer size
	Fixed lloadd memory leaks
	Fixed lloadd shutdown code to protect memory correctly
	Fixed lloadd race in epoch.c
	Fixed lloadd potential deadlock with cn=monitor
	Fixed lloadd to keep listener base around when not active
	Fixed lloadd object reclamation sequencing
	Fixed slapd memory leak with olcAuthIDRewrite
	Fixed slapd free of redundant cmdline option
	Fixed slapd transactions extended operations cleanup after write
	Fixed slapd deadlock with replicated cn=config
	Fixed slapd connection close logic
	Fixed slapd bconfig locking of cn=config entries
	Fixed slapd-mdb max number of index databases to 256
	Fixed slapd-mdb to always release entries from ADD operations
	Fixed slapd-mdb to fully init empty DN in tool_entry_get
	Fixed slapd-monitor memory leaks with lloadd
	Fixed slapd-monitor to free remembered cookies
	Fixed slapo-accesslog reqStart ordering matching rule
	Fixed slapo-deref memory leak
	Fixed slapo-dynlist to ignore irrelevant objectClasses
	Fixed slapo-dynlist to avoid unnecessary searches
	Fixed slapo-dynlist to mark internal searches as such
	Fixed slapo-pcache crash in consistency_check
	Fixed slapo-remoteauth memory leaks
	Fixed slapo-rwm memory leaks
	Build Environment
		Fixed ancient DOS related ifdef checks
		Fixed build process to not use gmake specific features
		Fixed source tree to remove symlinks
		Fixed slapo-otp testdir creation
		Fixed slapd-tester memory leak
		Fixed usage of non-standard C syntax
		Fixed usage of bashism
		Fixed test suite portability
		Fixed ldap_bind(3) to document ber_bvfree in ldap_sasl_bind
		Fixed slapo-asyncmeta(5) to clarify scheduling for target connections
		Fixed slapo-dynlist(5) to clarify configuration settings
		Fixed slapo-unique(5) to clarify when quoting should be used
	Minor cleanup