Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/alpine
From: Paolo Vincenzo Olivo
Date: 2023-02-26 21:39:49
Message id:

Log Message:
mail/alpine: update to release 2.26.

## CHANGES (local)

* Pull additional upstream patches.
* Replace hard-coded paths.
* Fix default user mailbox location.
* Support rxvt builtin keycodes.
* Add patch for mail providers enforcing SNI (from OpenBSD).
* New build options: aspell, ldap, tcl (all disabled by default).
* The package now also installs:
	- alpine's version of the pico editor.
	- alpine's pilot file browser.
	- the rpdump/rpload utilities to query remote alpine configurations.
	- manpages for the programs mentioned above.
	- documentation and other files useful for reference.
	- a sample system-wide configuration file.

## CHANGES (upstream)

* Unix version of Alpine (not including OSX). Alpine is built with
  password file support by default. If Alpine is built with SMIME
  support and the password file does not exist, then Alpine will
  create it by default and encrypt it.

* In the past Alpine did not recognize images embedded in an HTML
  file, so now it does and a link to open them is given. Additionally,
  Alpine did not pass these images to an external browser for display
  using the external command, and now it will.

* Support for code_verifier and code_challenge when generating a
  refresh token and access token in Gmail and Outlook using the S256
  method and plain method.

* Change the redirect_uri scheme for Gmail, as Google is deprecating
  the use of oob. Changed to http://localhost. Users are supposed to
  enter the URL they see in their browser in place of the code.

* Some servers do not allow the Drafts folder to be removed, even when
  it is empty. Alpine, however, assumes that if the folder exists, it
  must contain a draft message. This joint collaboration with Thomas
  Uhle modifies alpine to not to attempt to continue a draft message
  if the draft folder is empty.

* Contributions by Thomas Uhle:
	- Add support to the LDAP attribute
  	- Move voiceMailTelephoneNumber from the TCL side
  	  to ldap_translate;
  	- XOAUTH2 state generator changes format specifier
  	  from %x to %02x;
  	- Web Alpine will not attempt to continue a postponed
  	  message if the postponed-msgs folder is empty.

* Improvements to the screen that allows a user to select the
  client-id when a user attempts to login to a server and more than
  one client-id is available for that server. In this case additional
  information is given: The method to use (device or authorize), a
  user id that uses the suggested client-id or a report that the
  client-id has not been used.

* To protect the privacy of a user, the message-id of a message will
  be generated using the domain in the From field of the message.

* When saving to a folder in the unix format, Alpine parses the
  destination folder to assign uids to all messages in the folder.
  When the destination folder is large this could significantly slow
  down alpine. Fix based on a patch submitted to the alpine-info list
  by Chris Caputo.

* Add the LOGOUT command to the list of commands that can be
  automatically interrupted in case the connection becomes unstable
  during that command and Alpine times out its connection to the

* If new mail has arrived when a user is closing a mailbox, Alpine
  will also announce how many new messages have arrived. Suggested by
  Chime Hart.

* When an invitation does not have a timezone in the date of the
  event, but the date is in GMT, adjust the date to local time.

Bugs that have been addressed include:

* Crash when invoking Alpine from the command line and an attempt to
  authorize alpine to use XOAUTH2 is done. Alpine crashes because of a
  missing optional parameter -xoauth2-flow and because no screen has
  been configured yet. Reported by Baron Fujimoto.

* Alpine crashes when it cannot retrieve the privacy policy due to
  failure connecting to the external server.

* Alpine might delete all passwords from the password file if the
  password file is not unlocked by cancellation, or the authentication
  for an XOAUTH2 server is cancelled, or the password of an account is

* When the personal name of an address is encoded, and the personal
  name is surrounded by quotes, these are not removed by Alpine at the
  time to offer to take an address from a message to the addressbook.
  Reported by David Prager Branner.

* If a user configures the sendmail-path variable, and does not use a
  global smtp-server, then Alpine will use the sendmail-path even when
  the user configured a smtp-server for a role. Reported by Gregory

* Crash in PC-Alpine when creating a mail collection and no username
  is indicated in the server path. Reported by Sandy Schuman.

* Crash in Alpine when running a filter that moves deleted messages
  the INBOX in a Gmail account. Reported by Jyrki Voutilainen.