Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/py-sanic
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2023-03-03 10:01:36
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Log Message:
py-sanic: updated to 22.12.0

Version 22.12.0

Current version


* Add JSONResponse class with some convenient methods when updating a response object
* Change uvloop requirement to >=0.15.0
* Add compatibility with websockets v11.0
* Kill server early on worker error

Raise deadlock timeout to 30s
* Scale number of running server workers
* Send SIGKILL on subsequent ctrl+c to force worker exit
* Add API to restart all workers from the multiplexer
* Default to spawn for all subprocesses unless specifically set:

from sanic import Sanic

Sanic.start_method = "fork"
* Filename normalisation of form-data/multipart file uploads
* Move to HTTP Inspector:

Remote access to inspect running Sanic instances
TLS support for encrypted calls to Inspector
Authentication to Inspector with API key
Ability to extend Inspector with custom commands
* Control order of restart operations
* Move reload interval to class variable
* Add priority to register_middleware method
* Add unquote to add_route method
* ASGI websockets to receive text or bytes


* Force socket shutdown before close to allow rebinding
* Use actual StrEnum in Python 3.11+
* Ensure middleware executes only once per request timeout
* Crash ASGI application on lifespan failure
* Resolve error with low-level server creation on Windows

Deprecations and Removals

* Signal conditions and triggers saved on signal.extra
* Move to HTTP Inspector
BREAKING CHANGE: Moves the Inspector to a Sanic app from a simple TCP socket \ 
with a custom protocol
DEPRECATE: The --inspect* commands have been deprecated in favor of inspect ... \ 
* Replace deprecated distutils.strtobool

Developer infrastructure

* Add CI testing for Python 3.11