Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics
From: Mark Davies
Date: 2023-04-02 13:07:32
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Log Message:
tex-circuitikz{,-doc}: update to 1.6.1

New components: solder jumpers; a couple of small but very useful
inversion markers for logical circuits, especially targeted at the
mux-demux family; a new inline microphone; a much more versatile `hemt`;
a better legacy `tline`. More tweaks to converters blocks, and a lot of
typo/grammar fixes in the manual.

- Add configurable dashes to the dc symbols in converter blocks
- Add solder jumpers
- Add a shape to mark european-style inversion, adjust European-style
  logic port triangle inversion symbols to match
- Add a tail-less mic  and an option to change the thickness of the
  microphone's bar
- Enhance the `hemt` shape with a GaN-hemt as example
- Add anchors and a "bare" option to `tline`
- subcircuits are no more experimental
- Correction of several typo/grammar errors in the documentation

The big change is the refactoring (and enhancement) of the block's code.
In addition, double gate MOSes, several fixes all over the map, and
quite a lot of anchors were added into the mix.

- Big change (mostly backward compatible, minus a couple of bug fixes) to the block's
    - Now `vco` can be `box`ed
    - enabled more short-name geographical anchors
    - generic blocks can be made rectangular
    - mid-way lateral anchors for all blocks, as well as up/down
    - renamed converters anchors (old ones retained for backward compatibility)
    - new ac/ac blocks, both single- and three-phase
- Added double gate MOS transistors (by Romano Giannetti)
- Fix deformed shape for legacy `TL` component ([issue on GitHub]
- Added several anchors on variable components, suggested by [Dr Matthias
- Added `genericsplitter` component (by [frankplow](
- Fix - `splitter` used the wrong parameters (from `wilkinson`)