Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/p5-Params-Util
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2023-05-20 08:59:17
Message id:

Log Message:
p5-Params-Util: update to 1.102.

1.102	2020-11-02
	- fix RT#133623 - Can't install in pureperl mode. Thanks to Nigel
	  Gregoire (@nfg) for reporting and proposal for proper fix.
	- update ppport.h from Devel::PPPort 3.62

1.101	2020-10-22
	- fix inconsistent license conditions in meta data and documentation
	  and add appropriate LICENSE files. Fixes RT#133586.

1.100	2020-10-21
	- Re-release 1.099_001 without further changes

1.099_001	2020-10-01
	- refactor tooling to get reasonable author tests and
	  code/distribution quality checks (fixes RT#109106 - thanks
	  to Alexandr Ciornii (CHORNY) for reporting -- and fixes RT#81924:
	  obsolete section in Makefile.PL? - thanks to Sam Ferencik and
	  Paul Cochrane for reporing and contribution)
	- seaparate PP code into dedicated module
	- fix spelling errors (including RT#115910 - thanks to
	  Salvatore Bonaccorso (CARNIL) for reporting -- and RT#86356 -
	  thanks to D. Steinbrunner for reporing and sorry Paul for fixing
	  it during adding new author tests)
        - fix RT#87649 (_CLASS) and RT#81276 (_POSINT) plus similar fixes
	  for _STRING, _IDENTIFIER, _NUMBER and _NONNEGINT - thanks to
	  Bernhard Graf (GRAF) and for reporting and
	  Paul Cochrane <> for submitting initial patches.
	- fix RT#79995: Please mention _INSTANCEDOES in Changes (and _CLASSDOES)
	- fix RT#79856: Build breaks in 1.07