Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/p5-Net-DNS
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2023-05-20 09:06:52
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Log Message:
p5-Net-DNS: update to 1.38.

**** 1.38 May 9, 2023 Improve robustness of address parsing.
	Deprecate packet->edns->size() method.
	Deprecate rdatastr() historical RR subtype method.
	Major overhaul of pre-installation test scripts.
	Add new t/
	Refactor socket code and control structure in and improve efficiency of zonefile
	data storage and retrieval.

Fix #148274
	Multicast DNS flag breaks Net::DNS::Parameters::classbyval

Fix #148273
	EDNS extended rcode not handled correctly

Fix #147507 peerhost undefined after $sock->accept

**** 1.37 Mar 13, 2023

	Add links to relevant RFCs in package documentation.

Fix #147038
	resolver->axfr( undef ) fails silently

Fix #145944
	Case sensitivity issue with AXFR

**** 1.36 Dec 30, 2022

	Adopt JSON as presentation notation for EDNS options.
	Disallow zero packet->id in outbound packet.
	Remove deprecated 2-argument TSIG->create() method.
	Revise TSIG test scripts and documentation.

**** 1.35 Oct 4, 2022

	Improve SVCB error reporting.

Fix #144328
	accept_reply test fails with matched consecutive "random"
	generated packet->id

Fix #144299
	Spelling errors.