Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/xterm
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2023-06-05 17:52:19
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Log Message:
xterm: update to 382.

Based on a patch by pin@

x11/xterm: update to 382

Patch #382 - 2023/05/30
 - amend change to CursorBack in patch #380, allowing the result to be on the
   hidden right-half of double-cell characters (report by Rajeev V. Pillai).
 - amend xtermDrawString, fixing regression with --disable-wide-chars
   configuration from patch #380.
 - corrected pathname for, for full install in an out-of-tree build
   (report by Rajeev V. Pillai).

Patch #381 - 2023/05/28
 - fix a regression in wide bitmap fonts versus check for missing glyphs
   (report by Rajeev V. Pillai).

Patch #380 - 2023/05/09
 - simplify the change for sixelScrolling from patch #374
   (report by Per Bothner).
 - add xterm+focus and report+da2, update report+version building blocks in
   terminfo, from post-ncurses 6.4
 - drop the -title option from uxterm and koi8rxterm, because that interferes
   with deriving the default title from the -e option (Debian #1031837).
   Compensate for this by using the -class option to derive a default title.
 - improve description of readline 2003 mode in
   (report by Thomas Wolff).
 - other improvements to status-line feature (report by Thomas Wolff):
    - clear status line on DECCOLM
    - ignore DECSASD if no previous DECSSDT
    - allow DECSSDT 1 immediately after DECSSDT 2, i.e., without switching back
      to host mode.
 - adjust RequestResize to avoid shrinking screen when using DECCOLM while the
   status-line is active (report/patch by Thomas Wolff).
 - disallow wrapping before the beginning of the screen, to the end of the
   screen, for cursor-back sequences (Redhat #2182357).
 - modify makefile to install the 16x16 xpm files (report by Harald Dunkel).
 - update test-package to reflect resolution of Debian #906901.
 - change default of showMissingGlyphs to True.
 - improve handling of double-sized characters when those happen to be missing
   from the bitmap font and/or are fullwidth.
 - pointer/overflow fixes (reported by David Leadbeater):
    - improve limit-checks for control-sequence numeric parameters in SIXEL
    - add null-pointer checks in WriteNow macro to handle a case where SS2 or
      SS3 might be in effect while processing a combining character.
    - disallow ReGIS reporting for character-set names containing characters
      other than alphanumerics or underscore.
    - implement TrueType fallback font for double-sized characters, including
      Unicode fullwidth. Also add limitFontHeight to provide for configuring
      the distinction between slightly-oversized glyphs and double-sized glyphs.
 - configure script improvements:
    - check for nfsd_t
 - fix a typo in the underline cursor thickness derivation
   (patch by Jan Engelhardt).