Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/math/fityk
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2023-06-07 09:03:43
Message id:

Log Message:
fityk: update to 1.3.2.

User-visible changes in version 1.3.2  (2022-08-06):
* SNIP background (Cristiano Fontana)
* GUI: fixed layout with GTK3
* bug fixes

User-visible changes in version 1.3.1  (2016-12-21):
* GUI: more options in the peak-top menu
* GUI: Tools > XPS KE <-> BE
* added utilities F.findx(), F.extremum(), centile(N, expr), %peak.IB
* bug fixes, as always

User-visible changes in version 1.3.0  (2015-05-25):
* support filenames with non-ascii characters
* simple-variable ~NUM can be followed by domain, e.g.: %f=Linear(~3[2:5], ~8)
  and also default parameters can have domain (...shape=~0.5 [0:1],...),
  Voigt and PseudoVoigt have now shape with default domain [0:1]
* if variable has a domain (example: $a = ~1.2 [-3:4]) then
   "$a = ~3" keeps domain of $a (also "a={$a}; $a=~{a}" \ 
preserves domain)
   "$a = ~3 [:]" unsets domain
   "$a = copy($x) - copy $x with domain
* new boolean box_constraints option decides if domains are used as box
  constraints in fitting methods that support it (default: on)
* GUI: added auto-completion to Lua script editor
* xyConvert is now part of xylib (removed flag --disable-xyconvert)
* command "reset" does not reset Lua VM (to allow "reset" \ 
from Lua scripts)
* Lua: add Python-style formatting (e.g."%d pigs" % 3) using __mod for \ 

User-visible changes in version 1.2.9  (2014-04-13):
* fitting:
  - a few optimization methods from the NLopt library have been added
  - MPFIT and NLopt methods support box constraints
  - simplifications that made using external libraries easier:
    - removed stopping criterium based on iterations. The max. number of
      WSSR evaluations can be used instead.
    - removed fit continuation (fit +N)
* new function Sigmoid and new category of functions (S-shaped/step/sigmoidal)
* GUI: added menu Session > Recent Scripts
* GUI: added checkbox to Functions > Export Peak Parameters
* GUI: added "decimal comma" option to Data > Load dialogs.

User-visible changes in version 1.2.1  (2012-11-05):
* added commands '=' and 'exec=' - shorthands 'lua return' and 'lua F:execute'
* API: default dataset in a few functions changed from @0 to the currently used
* GUI: new dialog GUI > Configure > Default Directories
* a few tweaks and fixes related to printing, and other bug fixes

User-visible changes in version 1.2.0  (2012-05-24):
* added fitting method "mpfit" -- wrapper around MINPACK-1 based MPFIT \ 
* changed public API of libfityk; now cfityk uses only public API
* added C API and Ruby and Java bindings to libfityk
* enhanced Python API and added Python equivalent of cfityk (samples/
* CLI: cfityk can be built with libedit (but it works better with readline)
* in scripts, backslash (\) at the end of line means line continuation
* bug fixes, as usually

User-visible changes in version 1.1.1  (2011-09-28):
* option exit_on_warning=0/1 was replaced with on_error=stop/exit; new option
  on_error=nothing allows to ignore errors in script.
* current working directory can be changed using new option `cwd'
* GUI: a new dialog for Model > Export Formula
* minor bug fixes

User-visible changes in version 1.1.0  (2011-07-18):
* embedded Lua (lightweight programming language)
* syntax changes and enhancements in dataset transformations (@n = ...);
  example: "@0 = @0 - 0.23 * @1" removes (background) @1 with y's scaled
  by factor 0.23 from dataset @0; if @0 and @1 have different x's, linear
  interpolation is used.
* added calculation of Polyline derivatives, what enables weighted least
  squares approximation by broken lines
* gzipped fit files can be read directly (extension .fit.gz or .fityk.gz)
* new option max_fitting_time -- stopping criterium based on elapsed time
* GUI: mouse wheel and mouse extra buttons can be used to zoom in/out
* Mac GUI: added Session > New Window that opens new window (open -n
* GUI: added optional, configurable description in the corner of the main plot
* GUI: Session > Copy to Clipboard works differently and on all platforms now
* GUI: enhanced file dialogs: Data > Quick Load and Session > Save as Image
* fixed all reported bugs

User-visible changes in version 1.0.2  (2011-06-08):
* changed Data > Load File dialog
* fixed a few minor problems and a major one (GUI not working on OSX 10.5)

User-visible changes in version 1.0.1  (2011-03-30):
* corrected calculation of Exponentially Modified Gaussian
* added calculation of confidence intervals
* GUI: anti-aliasing (can be switched off in menu GUI > Anti-aliasing)
* added (experimental) option guess_uses_weights that changes peak \ 
* as usually, a few bug fixes and minor changes in the GUI

User-visible changes in version 1.0.0  (2011-03-18):
* fixed bugs: several bugs in the powder diffraction add-on,
  problem with negative simple-variables, crash when the status bar has an
  extra value set
* GUI: several changes necessary to make the program working on OSX (>= 10.4)
* GUI: new configuration dialogs for plots
* GUI: all configs including the default one are now stored in .fityk/configs/
* samples are always installed, removed configure option --with-samples,
  added menu Help > Examples in the GUI
* requires wxWidgets >= 2.9.1

User-visible changes in version 0.9.8  (2011-06-08):
* several bug fixes ported from version 1.0.2
  (unlike 1.x, this version can be built with wxWidgets 2.8)