Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/featherpad
From: pin
Date: 2023-06-13 12:56:34
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Log Message:
editors/featherpad: update to 1.4.1

 * Added more types to C/C++ syntax highlighting.
 * To prevent problems on non-Linux systems, don't handle main arguments before
   calling `QCoreApplication` (Haiku OS may not provide a string argument
   before `QCoreApplication` is called).
 * Added an option for a small margin around the text.
 * Prevented window dragging from the line number strip (which was possible
   with widget styles like Kvantum).
 * In Preferences dialog, don't let the mouse wheel focus spin and combo boxes
   or change their values when they aren't focused.
 * In Preferences dialog, set the values of spin-boxes to their defaults if
   they are cleared.
 * Don't remove single trailing spaces with LaTeX. Also, added more formula
   keywords to LaTeX.
 * Fixed showing of the number of selected characters without selection