Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/geography/p5-Geo-Gpx
From: Wen Heping
Date: 2023-06-30 12:03:33
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Log Message:
Update to 1.09
Update Comment
Add geography to CATEGORIES

Upstream changes:
1.09 [2022-12-06]
    Fixed bug in parsing absolute and relative paths in MSWin32

1.08 [2022-12-03]
    Removed Geo::Calc from dependencies and added Math::Trig

1.07 [2022-10-26]
    Removed > 15 year old legacy bits likely to conflict with newly added \ 
support for tracks and routes

1.06 [2022-10-25]
    Added method Geo::Gpx::Point->time_datetime() returning a DateTime object \ 
corresponding to the time of a point

    Removed use_datetime option in Geo::Gpx->new() in favour of the new \ 
Geo::Gpx::Point method above

1.05 [2022-10-23]
    Various new methods for waypoints:
        - waypoints_search(), waypoints_merge(), waypoints_count(), \ 
waypoints_delete_all(), waypoint_delete(), waypoint_closest_to()

    Other new methods: routes_count(), tracks_count(),

1.04 [2022-10-20]
    The waypoints() method now gets but no longer sets:
        - call waypoints_add() to set instead
        - users would need to replace calls to waypoints with waypoints_add but \ 
only if they were setting

    Renamed method waypoints_add(), was add_waypoint():
        - this change was necessary for consistency in method naming
        - users should replace all calls to add_waypoint with waypoints_add

    New methods to replace current accessors: routes(), tracks()

    New methods: routes_add(), tracks_add(), clone()

1.03 [2022-10-16]
    new()'s 'input' key now accepts a filename as argument and a work_dir key \ 
can be specified to set the instance's working directory. Has no effect on the \ 
caller's current working directory.

    Added methods set_filename(), set_wd() and save().

1.02 [2022-10-10]
    Switched to Dist::Zilla to manage and release the module

1.01 [2022-10-08]
    fixed missing dependencies in Makefile.PL and Build.PL:
        - Geo::Calc
        - Geo::Coordinates::Transform

1.00 [2022-10-07]
    Added Geo/Gpx/ a new class to store and edit GPX points
    Initialize points with Geo::Gpx::Point->new() objects