Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/py-click
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2023-07-07 09:25:55
Message id:

Log Message:
py-click: updated to 8.1.4

Version 8.1.4
- Replace all ``typing.Dict`` occurrences to ``typing.MutableMapping`` for
  parameter hints. :issue:`2255`
- Improve type hinting for decorators and give all generic types parameters.
- Fix return value and type signature of `shell_completion.add_completion_class`
  function. :pr:`2421`
- Bash version detection doesn't fail on Windows. :issue:`2461`
- Completion works if there is a dot (``.``) in the program name. :issue:`2166`
- Improve type annotations for pyright type checker. :issue:`2268`
- Improve responsiveness of ``click.clear()``. :issue:`2284`
- Improve command name detection when using Shiv or PEX. :issue:`2332`
- Avoid showing empty lines if command help text is empty. :issue:`2368`
- ZSH completion script works when loaded from ``fpath``. :issue:`2344`.
- ``EOFError`` and ``KeyboardInterrupt`` tracebacks are not suppressed when
  ``standalone_mode`` is disabled. :issue:`2380`
- ``@group.command`` does not fail if the group was created with a custom
  ``command_class``. :issue:`2416`
- ``multiple=True`` is allowed for flag options again and does not require
  setting ``default=()``. :issue:`2246, 2292, 2295`
- Make the decorators returned by ``@argument()`` and ``@option()`` reusable when the
  ``cls`` parameter is used. :issue:`2294`
- Don't fail when writing filenames to streams with strict errors. Replace invalid
  bytes with the replacement character (``�``). :issue:`2395`
- Remove unnecessary attempt to detect MSYS2 environment. :issue:`2355`
- Remove outdated and unnecessary detection of App Engine environment. :pr:`2554`
- ``echo()`` does not fail when no streams are attached, such as with ``pythonw`` on
  Windows. :issue:`2415`
- Argument with ``expose_value=False`` do not cause completion to fail.