Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/audio/din
From: Santhosh Raju
Date: 2023-09-12 09:55:11
Message id:

Log Message:
audio/din: Update to 57

Changes since 56:

DIN Is Noise 57:

	:( fixed crash if Scale notes label on Settings page was clicked :)
  :( fixed reset of note polygon radius in Mondrian :)
  :( fixed lingering close button when switching ui screens using keyboard short \ 
cuts :)

      auto pause can now pause auto rotation or pause auto flip
      direction of rotation of launched drones

        set at Auto pause section in Menu > Drone Params > Defaults

  /* 0 limit on drone master volume, AM and FM depths *\

    change of keyboard shortcuts for better drone handling on the
    microtonal keyboard

    middle mouse click to set drone scale / rotate center (pink cross)
    to mouse cursor

    f - find drone center of selected drones
					voice phrase recorder shares this shortcut
						but only triggers if voice is active

    r - rotate selected drones about center

    t - scale selected drones about center

      hold SHIFT to scale only vertically (only volume changes)
      hold CTRL to scale only horizontally (only pitch changes)

    SPACE - freeze / thaw drones

    For selected drones:

      n - clear drone selection

      y, u - change AM depth and bpm
      o, p - change FM depth and bpm

      - - change handle size
      = - change trail length

      j - flip drone motion

            flips drone velocity

              try on launched drones after turning on
              Menu > Drone Defaults > Select on Creation

            and AM/FM direction

              try on drones of a drone pendulum
              or a drone mesh


    new keyboard shortcuts for mouse slider

      ` - toggle ~ on parameter spinner
      0 - toggle 0 on parameter spinner


    while moving drone center (the pink cross):

      SHIFT to move along vertical
      CTRL to move along horizontal

    On Gravity:

      tip -> mouse - gravity tracks mouse
      tip -> drone -  gravity tracks drone tip
                      instead of touching it

                        only works after
                        Tip to drone



    String of characters to bit pattern to box fill texture
    in Mondrian. A cheap experiment with polygon stippling
    in OpenGL.

      OFF by default
      Click Menu > Misc > Texture to toggle
      sd)s is default string. Change and see!
      Also change Step.


  * improved drone AM and FM position set
  * improved Sine Mixer
  * improved binaural drones instrument
  * improved mouse slider
  * improved cursor cross hairs