Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/xterm
From: pin
Date: 2023-10-04 07:15:01
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x11/xterm: update to 385

Patch #385 - 2023/10/01

 - fixes for ReGIS (report by Ben Wong).
     - correct conversion from HLS to RGB
     - improve font-caching performance.
 - update tables in wcwidth.c based on Unicode 15.1.0
 - improve fastScroll resource:
     - suppress screen-refreshes for carriage-returns
     - add -jf option to simplify use of this resource.
     - add a control sequence for enabling/disabling the resource.
     - enable this feature by default
 - extend title-stack feature to allow an additional parameter to directly
   access the stack, like the XTPUSHCOLORS and XTPOPCOLORS feature.
 - correct size and position of box shown for double-cell character which
   happens to be missing from the bitmap font (report by Peter Fabinski).
 - improved configure script:
     - add pattern for uClibc-ng to CF_XOPEN_SOURCE (report/patch by Waldemar
     - add configure options --with-utmp-path and --with-wtmp-path to override
       configure script's check for utmp/wtmp pathnames which are shown in the
       manual (Debian #1042767).
     - CF_XOPEN_SOURCE provides for defining _DEFAULT_SOURCE for MinGW32 and
     - sed expression used to report gcc version now works with MinGW
 - ensure that line-attributes are reset after drawing missing character
   (report by Christian Weisgerber).
 - update config.guess, config.sub