Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics/openexr
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2023-11-15 20:59:31
Message id:

Log Message:
openexr: update to 3.2.1.

## Version 3.2.1 (September 27, 2023)

Patch release with miscellaneous build fixes:

* Fix for linking statically against an external ``libdeflate``
* Fix a compile error with ``OPENEXR_VERSION_HEX``
* Fix various compiler warnings
* Pkg-config generation is now on by default for all systems, including Windows

### Merged Pull Requests

Fix Imf/Iex/IlmThread namespaces in python bindings and website code
Update openexr_deps.bzl
Bazel: Improve module
Clean up handling of libdeflate when linking static
Omit OPENEXR_IMAGES_TAG from test image url if empty
Set build-shared:OFF for Static build
OPENEXR_INSTALL_PKG_CONFIG is on by default, even on Windows
Default value for chromaticities attribute constructor in exrstdattr
Python wheel setup gets version from OpenEXR.pc/Imath.pc
Fix warnings from cross-compiling with x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc-posix
Fix warnings in multipartExamples.cpp
Don't trigger ci/bazel/ossfuzz builds on pushes/PRs to src/wrappers
Propagate OPENEXR_INSTALL_PKG_CONFIG to internal Imath
Set minimal permissions for workflow python-wheels.yml
Remove check for _MSC_VER in internal_cpuid.h

## Version 3.2.0 (August 30, 2023)

Minor release with several additions, changes and improvements:

* Zip compression via ``libdeflate``

  As of OpenEXR release v3.2, OpenEXR depends on
  [libdeflate]( for
  DEFLATE-based compression. Previous OpenEXR releases relied on
  [zlib]( Builds of OpenEXR can choose either an
  ``libdeflate`` installation, or CMake can auto-fetch the source and
  build it internally. The internal build is linked statically, so no
  extra shared object is produced.

  See [website/install.rst](website/install.rst) for more details.

* New camdkit/camdkit-enabled standard attributes

  These changes bring to OpenEXR new standard optional attributes that
  were discussed in the [SMPTE Rapid Industry Solutions On-Set Virtual
Initiative)]( \ 
  some useful attributes from the SMPTE ACES Container File Layout
  standard, SMPTE ST 2065-4:2023, have been included as well. The new
  attributes are:

  Support automated editorial workflow:

  - ``reelName``
  - ``imageCounter``
  - ``ascFramingDecisionList``

  Support forensics:

  - ``cameraMake``
  - ``cameraModel``
  - ``cameraSerialNumber``
  - ``cameraFirmware``
  - ``cameraUuid``
  - ``cameraLabel``
  - ``lensMake``
  - ``lensModel``
  - ``lensSerialNumber``
  - ``lensFirmware``
  - ``cameraColorBalance``

  Support pickup shots:

  - ``shutterAngle``
  - ``cameraCCTSetting``
  - ``cameraTintSetting``

  Support metadata-driven match move:

  - ``sensorCenterOffset``
  - ``sensorOverallDimensions``
  - ``sensorPhotositePitch``
  - ``sensorAcquisitionRectangle``
  - ``nominalFocalLength``
  - ``effectiveFocalLength``
  - ``pinholeFocalLength``
  - ``entrancePupilOffset``
  - ``tStop`` (complementing existing aperture)

  Also, ``renderingTransform`` and ``lookTransform`` have been deprecated.

* Updated SO versioning policy

  This change adopts a policy of appending the ``MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH``
  software release name to the ``SONAME`` to form the real name of the
  shared library.

* Python bindings & PyPI wheel

  Support for the [OpenEXR python
  bindings]( have been formally
  adopted by the OpenEXR project.

* Miscellaneous improvements:

  - "docs" renamed to "website" ([PR

  - Additional deep & multipart code examples ([PR
    and [PR

  - Many small build/test fixes

  - bin tools man pages

  - Expanded test coverage

Specific OSS-fuzz issues addressed:

Out-of-memory in ``openexr_exrcheck_fuzzer``
Heap-buffer-overflow in ``generic_unpack``
Integer-overflow in ``reconstruct_chunk_table``
Heap-double-free in ``Imf_3_1::RgbaInputFile::~RgbaInputFile``
Abrt in ``Imf_3_1::RgbaInputFile::~RgbaInputFile``
Direct-leak in ``Imf_3_1::RgbaInputFile::RgbaInputFile``

### Merged Pull Requests

`` uses version extracted from `openexr_version.h`
Add bzlmod support
Add `DEPENDENCIES Imath::Imath` for OpenEXRCore (#1523)
Rename cifuzz workflow to OSS-Fuzz, and filter out unnecessary triggers
fix memory leaks in exrmultipart
Remove .bazelrc file
Bazel support: Simplify use of libdeflate dependency
Streamline Python wheel workflow, and add tests and a CMake setup for bindings
Bazel support: Remove Bazel specific example and use same examples as CMake build
Separate Actions workflow for the website
Website "Attributes" page now describes all attributes
Deprecate renderingTransform and lookModTransform
Initialize regs[] to 0 in check_for_x86_simd
Fix CPUID detection with ``-march=x86-64-v3``
Add missing copyright/license specifiers
Rename "docs" to "website"
Reorganize ``share/util`` and remove unnecessary files
multipart code examples
Add website example source files to the CMake build for validation
Add 2023 Virtual Town Hall to news
Update and simplify SO versioning policy
Bazel update
Rename ``IMATH_REPO/TAG`` to ``OPENEXR_IMATH_REPO/TAG`` and update install docs
Reorder attributes in doc to match order in header
adds deep examples, fixes the deep examples in docs
Readdress #1456: disallow NaNs in ``testOptimizedInterleavePatterns``
Add ``sensorCenterOffset``, ``sensorOverallDimensions``, ``sensorPhotositePitch``
Revert pre-computed values
Python wheels
Fix handling for corrupt number of DC components
Add ``ImfMisc.h`` and ``ImfCompressor.h`` as installed headers
Add ``OPENEXR_MISSING_ARM_VLD1`` workaround to ``internal_dwa_simd.h``
Update CI with vfx2023 Linux jobs.
consolidate project configurations to one place
Fix range check in dwa compressor
Add detailed instructions for making both patch and major/minor release
Remove old zlib reference
v3.1.9/v3.1.8 notes and news
CIFuzz skips PRs that only modify markdown
Add simple abi checker util
Fix handling of builddir and cxxwarns in ````
Prevent re-download of images if already in place
prepare for new version of libdeflate with thread-safe alloc functions
Start working on improving test coverage
Fix reference to the number of supported compression types
after other merges, need to fix include
Document DWAA/DWAB compression in Technical Introduction
ci: set minimal permissions on GitHub workflows
Shift MacOS versions in flight
Revert fix of spelling mistakes in PR messages
ensure we are passing through valid function pointers
Fix version h
More robust ``openexr_version.h`` handling
Fix spelling mistakes
Bazel support update
Remove unused private member ``variable`` _maxScanLineSize (ABI break)
Updated Mac and Windows jobs for VFX platform 2023.
Switch to embedding libdeflate into EXRCore
Govern library version by ``OpenEXRVersion.h``
Add selected SMPTE camdkit or camdkit-enabling standard optional attributes
Deprecate ``exrbuild.cpp``
Tool manpages, doc page, and standardized ``--help`` messages
Reorder attribute definitions in ``ImfStandardAttributes.h`` by functional group
notes and news for v3.1.7
Test Images page for website
Extend Iex test coverage
Fix ```` to use proper ``_build/_coverage`` dirs
Fix coverage analysis for .c files
Add 3.1.6 to release notes and news
Add tests for bin programs
Bazel Support: Switch to Imath 3.1.7
Switch to Imath 3.1.6 for Bazel build
Update bazel build
Bazel support: Bump OpenEXR version to 3.2
Refactor ``ImfCheckFile`` and oss-fuzz tests
Fix Bazel Imath version defines
Update GitHub checkout action from V2 to V3
Bump version to 3.2.0 on the main branch
prevent double-free of ``RgbaInputFile::_inputPart``
Fix build script so auto-build of imath uses the new branch name
Merge release notes and from RB-3.1
fix memory leak in ``RgbaInputFile`` constructor
Extend multipart ``RgbaInputFile`` API
Fix version number of Imath for Bazel build
RgbaInputFile: Multipart support
Merge v3.1.2 release notes to master
Bazel update
Bazel build: Update Imath version to 3.1.2
Update Imath to 3.1.1 and bazelisk to 1.10.1
Update Imath to 3.1.0 for Bazel build
Use Bazel standard convention for repository names
Analysis CI updates
Release notes for v3.1.0
Cherry-pick v3.0.5 release notes into master
Do Bazel CI builds also for pull requests
Bazel build: Update Imath to version 3.0.5
Bazel build: Fix download hash for Imath
Do not do a Bazel Build on old OpenEXR branches
Fix bazel build: Add missing headers to exrenvmap
Bazel build: Add some OpenEXR tools
Sort source files in CMake targets
Improve Bazel Build
Add ```` to validate .so symlinks

## Version 3.1.11 (August 13, 2023)

Patch release that fixes a build failure with ``-march=x86-64-v3``

### Merged Pull Requests

Initialize ``regs[]`` to 0 in ``check_for_x86_simd``
Fix CPUID detection with ``-march=x86-64-v3``

## Version 3.1.10 (August 2, 2023)

Patch release that addresses miscellaneous build issues, test
failures, and performance regressions, as well as:

 Heap-buffer-overflow in ``LossyDctDecoder_execute``