Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/gpgme
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2023-11-30 10:53:07
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Log Message:
gpgme: updated to 1.23.2

Noteworthy changes in version 1.23.2 (2023-11-28)

 * Preserve more specific existing failure code.  [T6575]

 * qt: Start dirmngr with gpgconf to avoid multiple instances. [T6833]

 * qt: On Windows, use UTF-8 when logging the error text.  [T5960]

 * qt: Remove left-over partial files more persistently.  [T6584]

 * qt: Use a temporary file name when creating signed or encrypted
   archives. [T6721]

 * qt: Build Qt 6 bindings with -fPIC if requested or Qt 6 was built with
   this flag. [T6781]