Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/fossil
From: Jonathan Schleifer
Date: 2024-01-04 19:26:29
Message id:

Log Message:
Update devel/fossil to 2.23

Changes for version 2.23 (2023-11-01)

  *  Add ability to "close" forum threads, such that unprivileged users
     may no longer respond to them. Only administrators can close
     threads or respond to them by default, and the
     [/help?cmd=forum-close-policy|forum-close-policy setting] can be
     used to add that capability to moderators.
  *  Add the [/help?cmd=all|fossil all whatis] command.
  *  The [/help?cmd=status|fossil status] command and relevant UI pages now
     correctly report files which were both renamed <b>and</b> \ 
edited as such.
  *  Show default value of settings that have a default in
     [/help?cmd=help|fossil help SETTING] output.
  *  On timeline graphs, show closed check-ins using an X in the middle of the
     node circle or box.
  *  New options for email notification:  Get email only for the first
     post in each new thread, and/or posts that are in reply to my posts.
  *  Fix a regression bug introduced in version 2.22 that caused FTS5 searches
     to fail for terms containing non-ASCII characters.
  *  Improved defense-in-depth against malicious attack:
      *  When an attempted SQL injection attack is detected, return
         HTTP result code 418, which can signal the web server to sanction
         the attacking IP address.
      *  Better defense against cross-site request forgery (CSRF)
      *  Improvements to static analysis of source code (the codecheck1.c
         file in the source tree).
  *  Enhance the [/help?cmd=/dir|treeview file listings]
     ([/dir?type=tree&ci=trunk|example]) by displaying file sizes
     and adding the option to sort by file size.
  *  The [/help?cmd=fts-config|fossil fts-config] command now shows how much
     repository space is used by the full-text index.
  *  Changing a setting to an empty string is now the same as deleting the
     setting, in most cases.  There are a few exceptions, indicated by the
     keep-empty flag on the setting definition.
  *  The [/help?cmd=branch|fossil branch list] command can now filter branches
     that have/have not been merged into the current branch.
  *  Improvements to interactions with remote repositories over SSH:
      *  Print the text of the SSH command that is run to do remote interaction,
         for full disclosure to the operator.
      *  Add a PATH= argument to the [/help?cmd=ui|fossil ui remote:/] and
         [/help?cmd=patch|fossil patch push/pull remote:...] commands so that
         they work when the "remote" machine is a Mac and the \ 
         executable is in the $HOME/bin directory.
  *  Update built-in libraries SQLite, ZLib, Pikchr to their latest versions.
  *  Documentation enhancements and typo fixes.