Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/emulators/nono
From: Jun Ebihara
Date: 2024-01-08 03:41:18
Message id:

Log Message:
nono: update to 0.6.4.

0.6.4 (2023/12/28)

vm(New): "Implement a Windrv compatible device on X68030. You can access a \ 
host directory via the device on Human68k."
vm(New): "Implement a contrast feature on X68030."
vm(Update): "Implement that writing to the SPC is made to wait if the \ 
internal queue is full. You can write a SCSI media on Human68k."
vm(Update): "DMAC now uses FC (Function Code) to access on X68030."
vm(Update): "Connect the host's [PageUp], [PageDown] and [End] key to \ 
guest's [ROLL UP], [ROLL DOWN] and [UNDO] key respectively on X68030. "
vm(Fix): "Fix the problem that SCC, FDC, SPC and Nereid are not reset \ 
correctly on X68030."
vm(Fix): "Fix a CIIN condition on X68030."
vm(Fix): "Fix $ED0000..$EDFFFF was user-accessible on X68030."
vm(Fix): "Fix timing that mouse sends its data on X68030. It should not \ 
affect anything."
GUI(New): "Rearrange menus. A part of "Device > Operation" and \ 
old "File" menus are integrated into"VM"."
GUI(New): "Add "Send CTRL+OPT.1+DEL" menu on X68030."
GUI(Fix): "Fix an abnormal termination when open the loglevel setting \ 
window since 0.6.3."
debugger(Fix): "Fix an abnormal termination when the argument of command \ 
line option -b cannot be parsed as a hexadecimal number."
debugger(New): "--bi-exg option."