Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics
From: Mark Davies
Date: 2024-02-03 05:30:24
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Log Message:
tex-circuitikz{,-doc}: update to 1.6.6

A couple of new components.

- Added the symbol for metal-oxide varistor `mov`
- Added another symbol for fuse (wiggly fuse `wfuse`)

This version features an important overhaul of the `muxdemux` configurable
component/shape, making it much more flexible and powerful by adding
configurable labels and negation and clock symbols to the pins.
Also, a couple of minor fixes/workarounds.

- Added optional and configurable inner, outer and border labels to the
  `muxdemux` shapes
- Added optional clock wedge and negation signs to the pins of `muxdemux` shapes
- Added the possibility to add a background drawing to `muxdemux` shapes
- Fixed a bug with `straightvoltages` and `open`
- Added an (ugly) workaround for a voltage shift mismatch

A bit of enhancements and fixes for the European-style logic ports, more
switches (and a bit more configurability for them), and more option for some

- The symbol in European logic ports is now rotation-invariant, and its font
  can be customized
- Added a couple of "blank" (no symbol) European logic ports
- Added new "traditional" switches
- Added configurability (color, thickness, dash) to switch arrows
- Added "eyw"-symbol (reverse star) for "oo"-type sources
- Added configurable open shape to the sinusoidal current source
- Several documentation fixes