Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/textproc
From: Mark Davies
Date: 2024-02-03 05:36:06
Message id:

Log Message:
tex-csvsimple{,-doc}: update to 2.6.0

### Added
- `consume collected data`
- `\csvcollecte` (replacement for `\csvcollectx`)
- New CamelCase macro names for several existing string and number test macros
    to adapt expl3 naming conventions
    - `\IfCsvsimStrEqualTF`
    - `\IfCsvsimTlEqualTF`
    - `\IfCsvsimTlProtectedEqualTF`
    - `\IfCsvsimFpCompareTF`
    - `\IfCsvsimIntCompareTF`

### Changed
- Default settings for `\csvautotabularray` and friends slightly changed
    (line width and added uppercase setting)
- In documentation for `collect data`, `after first line` is
    added to the list of collected keys
- Expl3 scratch variables like `\l_tmpa_tl` replaced by package variables like
- Implementation of `\csvexpval` changed from `\exp_not:V` to `\exp_not:o`
- Implementation of `data collection` changed to piecewise token list constructions
- Implementation of `generic collected table` does not alter `after reading` anymore
- Implementation of `\ifcsvstrcmp` and `\ifcsvstrequal` changed
- Documentation of Section "String and Number Tests" updated
- Leading `/` removed from all l3keys inside the documentation
- `l3keys2e` removed from `csvsimple.sty` and code adapted
- Needed LaTeX version updated to 2023-11-01
- Several minor changes

### Added
- New survey tables:
    - `\csvautotabularray`
    - `\csvautotabularray*`
    - `\csvautolongtabularray`
    - `\csvautolongtabularray*`
- New corresponding options
    - `autotabularray`
    - `autotabularray*`
    - `autolongtabularray`
    - `autolongtabularray*`

### Changed
- Documentation typos fixed
- Survey tables moved into a separate section

### Fixed
- `collect data` does not collect `after first line`