Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/py-pybind11
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2024-04-06 08:34:39
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Log Message:
py-pybind11: update to 2.12.0.

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New Features:

    pybind11 now supports compiling for NumPy 2. Most code shouldn't change (see \ 
upgrade-guide-2.12 for details). However, if you experience issues you can \ 
define PYBIND11_NUMPY_1_ONLY to disable the new support for now, but this will \ 
be removed in the future. #5050
    pybind11/gil_safe_call_once.h was added (it needs to be included \ 
explicitly). The primary use case is GIL-safe initialization of C++ static \ 
variables. #4877
    Support move-only iterators in py::make_iterator, py::make_key_iterator, \ 
py::make_value_iterator. #4834
    Two simple py::set_error() functions were added and the documentation was \ 
updated accordingly. In particular, py::exception<>::operator() was \ 
deprecated (use one of the new functions instead). The documentation for \ 
py::exception<> was further updated to not suggest code that may result in \ 
undefined behavior. #4772

Bug fixes:

    Removes potential for Undefined Behavior during process teardown. #4897
    Improve compatibility with the nvcc compiler (especially CUDA 12.1/12.2). #4893
    pybind11/numpy.h now imports NumPy's multiarray and _internal submodules \ 
with paths depending on the installed version of NumPy (for compatibility with \ 
NumPy 2). #4857
    Builtins collections names in docstrings are now consistently rendered in \ 
lowercase (list, set, dict, tuple), in accordance with PEP 585. #4833
    Added py::typing::Iterator<T>, py::typing::Iterable<T>. #4832
    Render py::function as Callable in docstring. #4829
    Also bump PYBIND11_INTERNALS_VERSION for MSVC, which unlocks two new \ 
features without creating additional incompatibilities. #4819
    Guard against crashes/corruptions caused by modules built with different \ 
MSVC versions. #4779
    A long-standing bug in the handling of Python multiple inheritance was \ 
fixed. See PR #4762 for the rather complex details. #4762
    Fix bind_map with using declarations. #4952
    Qualify py::detail::concat usage to avoid ADL selecting one from somewhere \ 
else, such as modernjson's concat. #4955
    Use new PyCode API on Python 3.12+. #4916
    Minor cleanup from warnings reported by Clazy. #4988
    Remove typing and duplicate class_ for KeysView/ValuesView/ItemsView. #4985
    Use PyObject_VisitManagedDict() and PyObject_ClearManagedDict() on Python \ 
3.13 and newer. #4973
    Update make_static_property_type() to make it compatible with Python 3.13. #4971

    Render typed iterators for make_iterator, make_key_iterator, \ 
make_value_iterator. #4876
    Add several missing type name specializations. #5073
    Change docstring render for py::buffer, py::sequence and py::handle (to \ 
Buffer, Sequence, Any). #4831
    Fixed base_enum.__str__ docstring. #4827
    Enforce single line docstring signatures. #4735
    Special 'typed' wrappers now available in typing.h to annotate tuple, dict, \ 
list, set, and function. #4259
    Create handle_type_name specialization to type-hint variable length tuples. #5051

    Setting PYBIND11_FINDPYTHON to OFF will force the old FindPythonLibs \ 
mechanism to be used. #5042
    Skip empty PYBIND11_PYTHON_EXECUTABLE_LAST for the first cmake run. #4856
    Fix FindPython mode exports & avoid pkg_resources if importlib.metadata \ 
available. #4941
    Python_ADDITIONAL_VERSIONS (classic search) now includes 3.12. #4909
    pybind11.pc is now relocatable by default as long as install destinations \ 
are not absolute paths. #4830
    Correctly detect CMake FindPython removal when used as a subdirectory. #4806
    Don't require the libs component on CMake 3.18+ when using \ 
PYBIND11_FINDPYTHON (fixes manylinux builds). #4805
    pybind11_strip is no longer automatically applied when CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE is \ 
unset. #4780
    Support DEBUG_POSFIX correctly for debug builds. #4761
    Hardcode lto/thin lto for Emscripten cross-compiles. #4642
    Upgrade maximum supported CMake version to 3.27 to fix CMP0148 warnings. #4786


    Small fix to grammar in functions.rst. #4791
    Remove upper bound in example pyproject.toml for setuptools. #4774


    CI: Update NVHPC to 23.5 and Ubuntu 20.04. #4764
    Test on PyPy 3.10. #4714


    Use Ruff formatter instead of Black. #4912
    An assert() was added to help Coverty avoid generating a false positive. #4817