Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases
From: Nia Alarie
Date: 2024-04-10 21:22:39
Message id:

Log Message:
mariadb106: Update to 10.6.17

                           MariaDB 10.6.17 Changelog

  * Includes all fixes from MariaDB 10.5.24
  * pcre.cmake: always check the library with check_library_exists()
  * fix columnstore compilation on fc39
  * Disable perfschema.misc_session_status for 32 bit
  * Updated some 32 bit result files in sys_vars
  * Fixed some wrong printf() usage after changing m_table_id to
  * fix failing test on buildbot for MDEV-27087
  * MDEV-33317 [Warning] InnoDB: Could not free any blocks in the
    buffer pool!
  * MDEV-31616 Problems with a stored function EMPTY() on upgrade to
  * reorder the log columns for MDEV-27087
  * Fixed some mtr tests that failed on windows
  * Fixed compiler error/warning in
  * Fixed main.strict test to work with icc compiler
  * Disable main.gis from embedded
  * MDEV-33279 Disable transparent huge pages after page buffers has
    been allocatedDisable transparent huge pages (THP)
  * Trivial fixes:
  * Temporary table name used by multip-update has 'null' as part of
    the name
  * MDEV-33118 optimizer_adjust_secondary_key_costs variable
  * Ensure keyread_tmp variable is assigned.
  * Fixed possible mutex-wrong-order with KILL USER
  * MDEV-32551: "Read semi-sync reply magic number error" warnings on
  * MDEV-32906: The SQL error plugin prints (null) as database if the
    mariadb client is not using any database to execute the SQL.
  * MDEV-27087: Add thread ID and database / table, where the error
    occured to SQL error plugin
  * new CC 3.3
  * MDEV-33053 fixup: Correct a condition before a message
  * MDEV-33031 test fixup for HAVE_PERFSCHEMA=NO
  * MDEV-32983 cosmetic improvement on path separator near
  * MDEV-33091 pcre2 headers aren't found on Solaris
  * Revert "MDEV-32899 InnoDB is holding shared dict_sys.latch while
    waiting for FOREIGN KEY child table lock on DDL"
  * MDEV-33275 buf_flush_LRU():
    mysql_mutex_assert_owner(&buf_pool.mutex) failed
  * MDEV-33053 InnoDB LRU flushing does not run before running out of
    buffer pool
  * new CC 3.3
  * innodb: IO Error message missing space
  * MDEV-33095 innodb_flush_method=O_DIRECT creates excessive errors
    on Solaris
  * MDEV-33213 fixup: GCC 5 -Wconversion
  * MDEV-30940: Try to fix the test
  * MDEV-33213 History list is not shrunk unless there is a pause in
    the workload
  * MDEV-32559 failing spider signal_ddl_recovery_done callback
    should result in spider deinit
  * MDEV-33112 innodb_undo_log_truncate=ON is blocking page write
  * MDEV-32050 fixup: Remove srv_purge_rseg_truncate_frequency
  * MDEV-33137: Assertion end_lsn == page_lsn failed in
  * MDEV-33150 double-locking of LOCK_thd_kill in
  * cleanup: change a function, that always return 0, to void
  * MDEV-33031 Assertion failure upon reading from performance schema
    with binlog enabled
  * cleanup: spider status variables
  * MDEV-33031 Assertion failure upon reading from performance schema
    with binlog enabled
  * MDEV-11777 REGEXP_REPLACE converts utf8mb4 supplementary
    characters to '?'
  * Fix galera.galera_kill_ddl test errors in debug mode.
  * [fixup] Spider: correct init queries after merge
  * MDEV-33000: Fix test result file on some test cases
  * MDEV-33046 - reschedule dict_stats_func() if there work left to
  * Cleanup - reuse background THD in dict_stats_func()
  * Fix an intermittent test failure
  * Add an end-of-test marker
  * MDEV-33098: Disable the test
  * MDEV-33009 Server hangs for a long time with
  * MDEV-33046 race condition in InnoDB dict_stats_schedule()
  * Spider cannot run DDL (e.g. create tables) before ddl recovery
  * Adjust the MDEV-26052 test case for MDEV-29092
  * MDEV-18322 Assertion "wrong page type" on instant ALTER TABLE
  * MDEV-32939 If tables are frequently created, renamed, dropped, a
    backup cannot be restored
  * MDEV-32751 fixup: cmake -DPLUGIN_PERFSCHEMA=NO
  * perfschema: use LOCK_thd_kill to "keep THD during
  * MDEV-32751 sys schema view session_ssl_status is empty
  * MDEV-32617 deprecate secure_auth=0
  * main.long_host failures
  * MDEV-32884 backward compatibility fixes
  * MDEV-31296: Crash in Item_func::fix_fields when prepared
    statement with subqueries and window function is executed with
    sql_mode = ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY
  * MDEV-32958 Unusable key notes do not get reported for some
  * MDEV-32884 Improve S3 options comaptibility
  * MDEV-32957 Unusable key notes report wrong predicates for > and
  * MDEV-32068 Some calls to buf_read_ahead_linear() seem to be
  * MDEV-32899 instrumentation fixup
  * Fix occasional failure of encryption.corrupted_during_recovery
  * Fix occasional failure of innodb.innodb-alter-tempfile
  * MDEV-32903 MDEV-32532 Assertion failure in
    ddl_log_increment_phase_no_lock upon ..
  * MDEV-32884 Make s3_debug dynamic
  * mysqladmin -vv processlist now shows more information
  * MDEV-32371 Deadlock between buf_page_get_zip() and
  * MDEV-31817 SIGSEGV after btr_page_get_father_block() returns
    nullptr on corrupted data
  * MDEV-32899 instrumentation
  * MDEV-32899 InnoDB is holding shared dict_sys.latch while waiting
    for FOREIGN KEY child table lock on DDL
  * MDEV-32879 Server crash in my_decimal::operator= or unexpected
    ER_DUP_ENTRY upon comparison with INET6 and similar types
  * MDEV-32873 Test innodb.innodb-index-online occasionally fails
  * MDEV-32050 fixup: Stabilize tests
  * MDEV-32050 fixup: innodb.instant_alter_crash (take 2)
      * MDEV-32027 Opening all .ibd files on InnoDB startup can be slow
      * MDEV-31861 Empty INSERT crashes with innodb_force_recovery=6 or
      * MDEV-32050 fixup: innodb.instant_alter_crash
      * MDEV-32757: rollback crash on corruption
      * MDEV-32689: Remove Ubuntu Bionic
      * bump the VERSION
      * MDEV-32788: Debug build failure with SUX_LOCK_GENERIC