Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/audio/fasttracker2
From: Santhosh Raju
Date: 2024-04-23 09:14:17
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Log Message:
audio/fasttracker2: Update to 1.82

Changes since v1.79.2

v1.82 - 12.04.2024
- MIDI is enabled again for Windows XP (I came up with a solution)
- Fixed: MIDI was actually not working in v1.81 :(
- Fixed: Possible crash on startup or on exit (related to MIDI).
         COULD still happen on Mac, but I haven't experienced it yet!

v1.81 - 09.04.2024
- Windows: Error message boxes were rendered wrongly on Windows XP
- Windows: Disable MIDI support on Windows XP because it was buggy
  (would crash on exit on some systems/interfaces). If you really need to
  use MIDI with the FT2 clone, please consider using an OS that is not
  over 23 years old!
- MSVC: Use v141 platform toolset for 32-bit Windows build
- Rewrote some of the MIDI init/close code, as it looked like it could be

v1.80 - 09.04.2024
- Doing note transpose on the whole song wouldn't count overflowing notes
  properly (it would sometimes not show a warning message first).
- Windows/macOS: Updated SDL to v2.30.2