Subject: CVS commit: wip/daphne
From: Dieter Baron
Date: 2006-07-10 22:00:48
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Log Message:
Update to 0.99.7c:

- added game driver for Dragon's Lair 2 support (with Dragon's Lair samples).
- added game driver for MACH 3 support (with samples)
- added game driver for Us vs Them support (no samples)
- added game driver for Roadblaster
- added game driver for Interstellar
- added game driver for Cobra Command using MACH 3 hardware
- added speech synthesis to Thayer's Quest
- added an alternate overlay scoreboard for Dragon's Lair and Space Ace
- added a cleaner set of Dragon's Lair samples
- added support for large files over 4 gig
- added support to create files such as daphne_log.txt in a different location
- added ability to disable the log file so it never gets created
- added line blending option to VLDP.
- added scanline simulation option to VLDP to give a more arcade look
- added test suite
- fixed bug in VLDP where it would lock up if .dat file could not be created
- fixed bug where Daphne would fail if it is not run from its own directory
- added optional seek delay
- switched VLDP so its uses YUY2 overlays instead of YV12 overlays.
- added ability to pause any game as long as the disc is playing
- fixed cpu timing so it stays accurate over a long period of time
- DaphneLoader now defaults to 'noldp' mode if the game is not configured
- DaphneLoader now remembers where the window was previously
- added support for DLE v2.1 rom images
- fixed bug in Cliff Hanger driver
- added ability to save the static RAM (sram) on a regular basis
- added better error messages for missing ROMs
- unix no longer uses mmap for ogg audio streams
- added ability to use a real Space Ace annunciator board
- improved key remapping parser so it will never crash even if file is corrupt
- added support for more digital joysticks
- added ability to disable joysticks
- added 'sticky coins', which means that coin presses will never be lost
- optimized ogg audio callback
- command-line buffer size has been increased
- added a warning to the logfile to steer newbies away from using 'noldp' mode