Subject: CVS commit: wip/lhs2tex
From: Emil Sk├Âldberg
Date: 2006-08-28 13:28:52
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to version 1.11.

Changes (w.r.t. lhs2TeX 1.9)

[Note that 1.10 has never been released to avoid confusion
with some privately distributed versions.] 

* Specification code is now handled correctly (that is, ignored) 
  in the "code" and "newcode" styles.

* Comments and Pragmas are handled in a better way by 
  the "newcode" style.

* There are some new forms of implicit formatting directives.

* The LaTeX code produced in the poly style looks slightly
  more beautiful.

* There is a new Library section, containing some frequently
  used formatting directives.

* Generation of file/linenumber directives in the produced
  LaTeX code, for Stefan Wehr's "adjust" tool. Based on a
  patch submitted by Stefan Wehr.

* lhs2TeX can now replace ghc's literate preprocessor.

* Improved efficiency of \eval and \perform (to call ghci
  or hugs from lhs2TeX documents).