Subject: CVS commit: wip/ripit
From: Johann Franz
Date: 2007-07-23 15:12:53
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Log Message:
3.6.0	16/06/07	Fixed bug on special characters for tags during
			submission of CDDB entries.
			Fixed unpleasent behaviour if Lame is not
			Fixed semi-bug on deletion of wavs using remote
			Added option --merge to merge tracks for gapless
			Added option --resume to continue a previously
			started session.
			Added option --ghost to split tracks with gaps
			into chunks of sound (at experimental stage).
			Added options --prepend and --extend to enlarge
			chunks of sound when splitted with option --ghost.
			Added option --ejectcmd to specify command used
			to control ejection/loading of CD.
			Added option --ejectopt to specify options and
			arguments for --ejectcmd.
			Added optons --dpermission and --fpermission to
			set directory and file permissions.
			Added option --md5sum to create MD5-sum files for
			each type of sound files.
			Added option --nicerip to set niceness of ripping
			Added option --core to allow several encoding
			processes on each machine.
			Enhanced output from encoding process not to
			interfer with output of ripper.
			Submission of CDDB entries uses sendmail, not
			mail or nail.
			Some fine-tuning on detection of hidden-tracks
			and ghost-songs.
			Enhanced detection of perl modules needed,
			Ripit depends not on CDDB_get 2.22 but 2.25 and
			newer, please update.