Subject: CVS commit: wip
From: Jonathan Kollasch
Date: 2010-02-05 22:36:22
Message id:

Log Message:
Update to remctl-2.15.

Changes since 2.14:

 Allow subcommand to be omitted on the remctl command line, which
 sends a command without a subcommand. This makes available on the
 command line functionality that was already available via the
 library API.

 Add the special keyword EMPTY for the subcommand field in the
 remctld configuration file, specifying that this line should only
 match commands with no subcommands.

 Allow use of ALL in the command field in the remctld configuration
 file as well as the subcommand field, matching all commands.

 Fix read of uninitialized memory caused by moving one character
 beyond the beginning of the buffer when parsing blank lines in
 ACL files.

 Use a socket_type typedef rather than int directly to store the
 file descriptors of sockets and, on Windows, typedef that to SOCKET
 instead of int. Update the function signatures of the network
 utility functions appropriately. Compare socket_type variables
 against an INVALID_SOCKET define instead of -1. Fixes portability
 issues to 64-bit Windows. Thanks, Jeffrey Altman.

 For the Windows build, get the current version number from rather than configure so that the Windows build
 scripts work from a Git checkout. Link with the correct GSS-API
 library for 64-bit Windows builds. Correct or suppress multiple
 warnings. Thanks, Jeffrey Altman.

 Enable Automake silent rules. For a quieter build, pass the
 --enable-silent-rules option to configure or build with make V=0.

 Update to rra-c-util 2.1:

 * Revert separation of die into a separate object file.
 * Fall back on manual library probing if krb5-config doesn't work.
 * Don't try to use a non-executable krb5-config for GSS-API probes.
 * Suppress error output from krb5-config GSS-API probes.
 * Prefer KRB5_CONFIG over a path constructed from --with-gssapi.
 * Fix network test suite failures when IPv6 is available but disabled.

 Update to C TAP Harness 1.1:

 * Summarize results at the end of test execution.