Subject: CVS commit: wip/mirage
From: Guillaume Lasmayous
Date: 2010-08-23 04:37:51
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Log Message:
Update to

Pkgsrc changes:
- set license.
- remove useless dependency.

Upstream changes:

v0.9.5.1 - July 23, 2010
+ Added dutch translation
+ Bug: Mirage showed verbose output by default
+ Bug: Misplaced parenthesis in Open Remote Image dialog code
+ Changes: Fixed translations again...

v0.9.5 - July 20, 2010
+ Added a windows icon
+ Added new shortcuts PgUP/PgDN for previous/next image
+ Added option to disable the backgroundcolor in windowed mode
+ Bug: & in custom actions caused an error when mirage tried to open custom
action dialog (bug #17329)
+ Bug: Save image didn't work. (bug #17330)
+ Bug: Fixed gettext files not found if installed into /usr/local (bug #17359)
+ Changes: now uses $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mirage as config directory if possible
(patch taken from debian)
+ Changes: Switched zooming directions for Ctrl+Mousewheel up/down.
+ Changes: Small interface changes
+ Changes: Updated mnemonics (bug #17350 and patch 3020)
+ Changes: Improvements to localized strings

v0.9.4 - June 26, 2010
+ Mirage now requires PyGTK 2.12.0
+ Added the ability to set the quality for saving images
+ Added windows support
+ Fixed DeprecationWarnings for old tooltip API in pygtk
+ Fixed DeprecationWarnings for md5
+ Prevent toolbar from getting focus on keypresses
+ Bug: Fix returning from fullscreen mode with no images displayed
+ Bug: delete_image() could cause some thumbnails to not get loaded
+ Bug: If a image modified image was deleted mirage would ask to save the image
+ Bug: Hopefully fixed image preloading
+ Bug: Fixed wrong tooltip for hidden images
+ Bug: Some menu entries was visible while they shouldnt have been
+ Bug: Fixed parsing of custom commands
+ Changes: Properties now show "file modified" instead of "file \ 
+ Changes: Slideshow delay is choosen with a spinner
+ Changes: Fixed DeprecationWarnings for old tooltip API in pygtk
+ Changes: Fixed DeprecationWarnings for md5
+ Feature request: Show filename in statusbar
+ Translation: Added Portuguese translation (Danilo)
+ Translation: Added Chinese translation (Jayden)
+ Translation: Updated the po-files