Subject: CVS commit: wip
From: Jonathan Kollasch
Date: 2011-03-15 21:15:31
Message id:

Log Message:
Update remctl and py-remctl to 2.16.
Changes since 2.15:

Add Ruby bindings contributed by Anthony M. Martinez, enabled with --enable-ruby \ 
at configure time. These bindings are tested with Ruby 1.8 and may not work with \ 
older versions. See ruby/README for more information.

remctld now includes support for a PCRE (Perl-compatible regular expressions) \ 
ACL type if the PCRE library is found at configure time. A PCRE ACL matches any \ 
user whose identity matches the given Perl-compatible regular expression. Based \ 
on work contributed by Anton Lundin.

remctld now includes support for a POSIX regex ACL type if the system supports \ 
the POSIX regex API. A regex ACL matches any user whose identity matches the \ 
given POSIX extended regular expression. Based on work contributed by Anton \ 

remctld now sets the environment variable REMCTL_COMMAND to the command (not \ 
subcommand or arguments) that causes a program to be run. Thanks, Thomas L. \ 

remctld -h now reports the list of supported ACL methods for that build of remctld.

Add an example SMF manifest for the remctld daemon in
examples/remctld.xml. Contributed by Peter Eriksson.

Fix PHP test suite to work with PHP 5.3, which no longer passes environment \ 
variables down to the running test program.

Stop passing GCC-specific warning suppression flags into the language binding \ 
build systems unless the compiler used to build remctl is GCC. This still isn't \ 
quite right, since the language bindings may use a different compiler than the \ 
main remctl build, but it should be closer than the previous behavior of using \ 
GCC flags unconditionally.

Update to rra-c-util 2.4:

    * Improve network error handling with unknown address domains.
    * Disable xmalloc test except for maintainers.
    * Break util/util.h apart into separate header files.
    * Add additional GCC function attributes to utility libraries.
    * Use AC_TYPE_LONG_LONG_INT instead of AC_CHECK_TYPES([long long]).

Update to C TAP Harness 1.2:

    * Summarize results at the end of test execution.
    * Add diag and sysdiag functions to the basic TAP library.
    * Clean up data types in the basic C TAP library.
    * Add the GCC nonnull attribute to the TAP library bail functions.