Subject: CVS commit: wip/mcabber
From: Pierre Pronchery
Date: 2013-11-30 22:31:29
Message id:

Log Message:
Updated mcabber to 0.10.2

The changelog is as follows:

 * Update receipts handling according to recent XEP updates (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * Update and modularize the FIFO system (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * Modularize url_regex
 * [UI] Add readmark support - a line is displayed afer the last read message
 * New command /buffer readmark
 * Add command /iline clear_history
 * Add command /iline iline_insert (Hermitifier)
 * Add command /room setopt flag_joins (Hermitifier)
 * The command /say_to has a new option '-e' so that "\n" can be used
 * [MUC] Improve MUC support (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * [MUC] Add support for XEP-0249 / Direct MUC Invitations (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * [MUC] Refresh the roster when MUC bookmarks are received (Jan Zachorowski)
 * [MUC] preserve bookmark when updating a non-joined room  (Jan Zachorowski)
 * [MUC] Fix bookmarks losing autojoin attribute  (Hermitifier)
 * [MUC] Display real JIDs in non-anonymous rooms (Hermitifier)
 * [MUC] New option 'muc_bookmark_autoupdate' (Hermitifier)
 * [MUC] Fix whois / auto_whois
 * [UI] Remove deprecated invisible status
 * [UI] Go back to the first buddy with /roster next_unread when there are
        no more unread messages (Simon Jacquin)
 * [UI] Add option 'roster_no_leading_space' to remove the extra space
        before items in the roster (Simon Jacquin)
 * [UI] Allow to select which buddy resource messages go to (issue #55)
        with new commands /roster resource_lock|resource_unlock (Hermitifier)
 * [UI] Do not warn when the configuration file contains 256-color values
 * Add support for XEP-0115 Entity Capabilities,
   with offline cache (Hermitifier)
 * Fix segfault when spell checking is enabled and spell_lang is not set.
 * Fix "/rename -" (Hermitifier)
 * Do not add items to roster with commands /move and /rename (Hermitifier)
 * [UI] Handle the Enter key on Maemo systems (diSabler)
 * [UI] Add 'color_log' (text color in the log window)
 * [UI] Add 'color_readmark' (readmark color in chat buffers)
 * [UI] Use guards for colors (Myhailo Danylenko)
 * Update color themes in contrib directory
 * Documentation update
 * Many misc. bugfixes and minor improvements