Subject: CVS commit: wip
From: Makoto Fujiwara
Date: 2014-11-18 06:27:27
Message id:

Log Message:
2014-10-21 GnuRadio is available

audio: Fixes string format bug in ALSA error messages.
blocks: Added callback to vector source GRC bindings
blocks: benchmark scripts using wrong includes.
blocks: convert asserts to throwing runtime errors in keep_m_in_n ctor.
blocks: fixed relative rate in keep_m_in_n. It's m-in-n, not n-in-m.
blocks: fixed up keem_m_in_n to handle relative rate and correct number of items \ 
in calls to work.
blocks: removed use of 'and', 'or', and 'not' for &&, ||, and !.
cmake: Additional search path for QWT include files.
cmake: OSS is not for APPLE or WINDOWS.
cmake: Use APPLE, not matching Darwin
cmake: modtool: On Apple only, set install name and use rpath correctly.
cmake: modtool: allow the use of a MODULES_DIR to specify where cmake modules \ 
are installed.
cmake: modtool: make sure our local CMake Modules path comes first.
cmake: modtool: update copyright date.
digital: adapt clock recovery QA
digital: applying same fix of the complex M&M clock recovery block as the \ 
float vrsion.
digital: clock recovery delete unused variables
digital: clock recovery fix relative limit
digital: clock recovery more verbose documentation
docs: Make explicit we only support Qt4
dtv: fix internal GR component dependencies
fec: qa: fix use of Bool type to be actual boolean Python values
fec: removed ber_tools; unnecessary and not exported. Replaced compber with call \ 
to VOLK's popcount.
filter: Fixes setting sample delay declaration for PFB synthesizer in GRC.
filter: Fixes setting sample delay declaration for the PFB channelizer and in GRC.
grc: disable port type caching on init
grc: fix lagging drag and drop
grc: fix missing xterm (Bug #725)
grc: fix search entry box for old PyGTK versions
grc: no icon in search entry box for old PyGTK versions
grc: update all flowgraphs when hiding port labels
grc: yet another py26 incompatibility
qtgui: fixed an issue with the number sink mistreating non-float inputs.
qtgui: increased max tabs from 5 to 20 in tab widget
runtime: fix installation location of the gr_log_default.conf log configuration file.
uhd: removed use of 'and', 'or', and 'not' for &&, ||, and !.