Subject: CVS commit: wip/vimb
From: Leonardo Taccari
Date: 2015-06-13 21:31:34
Message id:

Log Message:
Update wip/vimb to vimb-2.10.

Attention (...if you have a personal config.h):
- Moved default hint css from js to config.def.h file (#199).
  This requires to copy the HINT_CSS content from config.def.h to the users
  config.h file, else the compilation would fail.

- Allow to use formfiller also for new html5 input types.
- Use URL for bookmark completion too (#189).
  In case the bookmark has no tags, it was not possible to filter the
  generated completion list. Now it's possible to use the URL of the bookmark
  for the tag matching in case no tags are available. This is done by
  splitting the URL on    '.' and '/' characters into chunks that are use the
  same way like tags would be.
- Update man page for hint-follow-last setting (#186). Thanks to Micha
  Gorelick for this patch. In previous release vimb fired last remaining hint
  automatically which lead to a not intended behaviour if there where only one
  hintable element in viewport. Starting the hinting fired the only element.
  The ne setting option "hint-follow-last" allows the user to disable the
  automatic following of the last remaining hint on viewport.
- Added backspace <BS> and space <Space> as special characters for \ 
mapping (#176).
- Faster history matching by using hash table for duplicate check (#163).
  This allow to process history files with much more line than the default

- Allow to focus editable element in iframes (#201). It wasn't possible for
  focus editable elements within frames or iframes by running normal mode
  command 'gi'.
- Use case insensitive xpath for focus input (#198).
- Fixed not leaved input mode on form submit (#197).
- Fixed regression of ignored strict focus in frames (#201).
- Handle switching to input mode right also for new html5 form elements.
- Various improvements of code for the switching from and to inputmode.
- Allow to escape escape char to in commands (#191).
  The previous logic for the lhs of a command used '\' to escape the ' '. But
  to get a single '\' it's needed to use '\\' that didn't work.  Now the
  backslash escapes ' ' as well as '\'. A backslash followed by any other char
  is taken as is.
- Fix segfault on bookmark completion (#189).
- Removed duplicate style override for GTK3.
- Fix segfault on config file with invalid commands (#188).
- hsts: reload only the main frame. Thanks Sébastien Marie for this patch.
  HSTS in done using requeueing. But due to a bug in webkit, a reload of the
  frame could be required in order to display the redirected URI (and not the
  original one). The patch force this reload only for the mainframe (where the
  correct URI is need), and not for the subframe (where the HSTS stuff is done
  by requeueing).
- Quit hinting on mouse click.
- Fixed memory leak in history generation (#163).
- Don't end :open command at pipe (#159).
  The behaviour of vimb is now comparable to pentadactyl, where a '|' pipe
  does not end a :open or :tabopen command. This allows now also URLs with
  pipes in it.
- Thanks also to Jason Ryan helping to fix the grammar and typos in the
  manual page.