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The following packages has been marked as deleted

wip/tex-bxjaprnind Adjust the position of parentheses at paragraph head
wip/tex-fixjfm-doc Documentation for tex-fixjfm
wip/texlive-collection-langjapanese Japanese TeX packages
wip/tex-gentombow Generate Japanese-style crop marks
wip/tex-pxufont Emulate non-Unicode Japanese fonts using Unicode fonts
wip/tex-pxtatescale Patch to graphics driver for scaling in vertical direction of pTeX
wip/tex-pxtatescale-doc Documentation for tex-pxtatescale
wip/tex-pxjodel Help change metrics of fonts from japanese-otf
wip/tex-pxcjkcat LaTeX interface for the CJK category codes of upTeX
wip/tex-ptex2pdf Convert Japanese TeX documents to PDF
wip/tex-platex-tools-doc Documentation for tex-platex-tools
wip/tex-jlreq-deluxe-doc Documentation for tex-jlreq-deluxe
wip/tex-jfmutil-doc Documentation for tex-jfmutil
wip/tex-ifxptex Detect pTeX and its derivatives
wip/tex-haranoaji-extra-doc Documentation for tex-haranoaji-extra
wip/tex-firstaid-doc Documentation for tex-firstaid
wip/tex-everyshi-doc Documentation for tex-everyshi
wip/tex-convbkmk-doc Documentation for tex-convbkmk
wip/tex-bxjscls Japanese document class collection for all major engines
wip/tex-bxbase-doc Documentation for tex-bxbase
wip/tex-bxjaprnind-doc Documentation for tex-bxjaprnind
wip/tex-pxbase-doc Documentation for tex-pxbase
wip/tex-jlreq Japanese document class based on requirements for Japanese text layout
wip/tex-japanese-otf-uptex-doc Documentation for tex-japanese-otf-uptex
wip/tex-ifptex-doc Documentation for tex-ifptex
wip/tex-bxjaholiday-doc Documentation for tex-bxjaholiday
wip/tex-bxjatoucs-doc Documentation for tex-bxjatoucs
wip/tex-morisawa Enables selection of 5 standard Japanese fonts for pLaTeX + dvips
wip/tex-ascmac Boxes and picture macros with Japanese vertical writing support
wip/tex-babel-japanese Babel support for Japanese

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