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((V)irtual = Package is only listed here)
cgnslib CFD General Notation System
py-aerocalc (V) Aeronautical Engineering Calculations
py-django-helmholtz (V) Framework for creating neuroscience databases
py-ecspy (V) Framework for creating evolutionary computations in Python
py-EMpy (V) Suite of numerical algorithms widely used in electromagnetism
py-grpy (V) Small GR-oriented package which uses sympy
py-mpop (V) Meteorological post processing package
py-neurolab (V) Simple and powerfull neural network library for python
py-neuronpy (V) The NEURON simulator and analyzing neural data
py-nibabel (V) Access a multitude of neuroimaging data formats
py-opentmm (V) OpenTMM is an object-oriented electrodynamic S-matrix
py-pyflation (V) Calculating cosmological perturbations during an inflationary
py-pylith (V) Finite element code for solving dynamic and quasi-static tectonic deformation problems
py-pysph (V) General purpose Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics framework
py-ruffus (V) Lightweight python module to run computational pipelines
py-scikits_datasmooth (V) Scikits data smoothing package
py-scitools (V) Python library for scientific computing
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