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sysutils/detox, version 1.2.0, maintainer bartosz.kuzma
  Removes non-standard characters from filenames, detox-1.2.0

graphics/fotoxx, version 16.02.1nb9, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  Program for editing image files from a digital camera, fotoxx-16.02.1nb9

devel/p5-AutoXS-Header, version 1.02nb10, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  Perl 5 module container for the AutoXS header files, p5-AutoXS-Header-1.02nb10

textproc/py-dicttoxml, version 1.7.4, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  Library for simple XML serialization, py27-dicttoxml-1.7.4

devel/py-tox, version 3.12.1, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  Virtualenv-based automation of test activities, py37-tox-3.12.1

chat/toxcore, version 0.2.7, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  Tox protocol library, toxcore-0.2.7

wip/toxic-git, version 0.8.3nb20200102, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  CLI Tox client, toxic-0.8.3nb20200102

wip/uTox-git, version 0.16.1nb20200127, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  Lightweight Tox client for the desktop, uTox-0.16.1nb20200127