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wip/go-paths-helper, version c3c98d1bf2e1069f60ab84bff3a2eb3c5422f3b0nb7, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  TODO: Short description of the package, go-paths-helper-c3c98d1bf2e1069f60ab84bff3a2eb3c5422f3b0nb7

finance/hs-Decimal, version 0.5.2nb1, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  Decimal arithmetic for financial applications, hs-Decimal-0.5.2nb1

textproc/hs-Diff, version 0.4.0nb1, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  O(ND) diff algorithm in Haskell, hs-Diff-0.4.0nb1

textproc/hs-Glob, version 0.10.1nb1, maintainer pho
  Globbing library, hs-Glob-0.10.1nb1

www/hs-HTTP, version 4000.3.16nb1, maintainer pho
  Haskell library for client-side HTTP, hs-HTTP-4000.3.16nb1

textproc/hs-HsYAML, version, maintainer pho
  Pure Haskell YAML 1.2 processor, hs-HsYAML-

graphics/hs-JuicyPixels, version 3.3.5nb1, maintainer pho
  Picture loading/serialization, hs-JuicyPixels-3.3.5nb1

devel/hs-ListLike, version 4.7.4, maintainer pho
  Generalized support for list-like structures, hs-ListLike-4.7.4

devel/hs-MonadRandom, version 0.5.3nb1, maintainer szptvlfn
  Random-number generation monad, hs-MonadRandom-0.5.3nb1

devel/hs-Only, version 0.1nb1, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  The 1-tuple type or single-value collection, hs-Only-0.1nb1

devel/hs-QuickCheck, version 2.14.2nb1, maintainer pho
  Random testing of program properties, hs-QuickCheck-2.14.2nb1

security/hs-SHA, version, maintainer pho
  Implementations of the SHA suite of message digest functions, hs-SHA-

devel/hs-StateVar, version 1.2.1nb1, maintainer pho
  State variables, hs-StateVar-1.2.1nb1

x11/hs-X11, version 1.9.2nb1, maintainer esg
  Haskell binding to the X11 graphics library, hs-X11-1.9.2nb1

x11/hs-X11-xft, version 0.3.1nb6, maintainer esg
  Bindings to the Xft library, and some Xrender parts, hs-X11-xft-0.3.1nb6

converters/hs-aeson, version, maintainer szptvlfn
  Fast JSON parsing and encoding, hs-aeson-

converters/hs-aeson-pretty, version 0.8.8nb1, maintainer pho
  JSON pretty-printing library and command-line tool, hs-aeson-pretty-0.8.8nb1

textproc/hs-annotated-wl-pprint, version 0.7.0nb1, maintainer pho
  Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer, with annotation support, hs-annotated-wl-pprint-0.7.0nb1

devel/hs-ansi-terminal, version 0.11nb1, maintainer pho
  Simple ANSI terminal support for Haskell, hs-ansi-terminal-0.11nb1

textproc/hs-ansi-wl-pprint, version 0.6.9nb1, maintainer pho
  Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer for colored ANSI terminal output, hs-ansi-wl-pprint-0.6.9nb1

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